Peeping George

The American Media have finally begun to uncover the “secret,” long known to those who follow the secret police agencies and think seriously about them, that the U.S. secret police “render” U.S. and other citizens to other police state forces to torture them, thus appearing technically to anyone who does not understand American law to not be violating American laws. (In fact, U.S. courts do not consider “technical” non-violations alone. The spirit of the law and “mens rea” in general is always crucial and a scofflaw who uses his technical corporate structure to violate financial laws can be found guilty of more extreme crimes by the courts’ “piercing the corporate veil” and imposing punitive sentences for scofflawing. The CIA use of American laws to violate American laws and hide the violations is in extreme violation of American laws, especially when they are knowingly violating the sacred Bill of Rights and using the laws of the land and acting behind the shields of their offices to hide those usurpations.) The U.S. military and the CIA used such “renditions” in earlier situations, most notably in Vietnam where suspected Vietcong and North Vietnamese regulars were turned over to the South Vietnamese forces for torturing. The U.S. has a long history of using the nationals of other nations, including officials of friendly powers, to carry out activities that are illegal for Americans to commit.

Is it not perfectly obvious that the U.S. would use foreign governments in the same way to spy on American citizens by using foreign agencies to do the actual, technical spying for them? That is, is it not perfectly obvious that the U.S. CIA, DEA, DIA, NRO, NSA, and all the other secret police would exchange “professional favors” with their extremely close secret police partners in Britain, Israel, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, and potentially many other nations? The CIA literally kidnaps Americans, Italians, and other nationals around the world and transports them in violation of the war crimes treaties to other nations for war-crime tortures to extract information from them. Would those extreme scofflaws and betrayers of their Constitutional oaths and duties give a second thought to swapping legal American spy information on British, Israeli, and other nationals for the same spy information on Americans by those nations’ secret police? Of course not.

Bush, Cheney, Powell, and the other top American officials openly relied on secret British spy information to support their media lies about the reasons for invading and annihilating Iraq. The U.S. has shared the most sensitive, war-winning, top-secret spy information with the British secret police since the early days of World War II in Europe when they worked hand in glove in breaking the Nazi and Japanese codes and did the same as far as we know later. The U.S. even shared their spy information on Iran with Saddam Hussein in his vast criminal war (in violation of international laws) against Iran. The U.S. received information from French and other secret spy organizations about the al-Queda conspirators before their attacks on the WTC on 9/11. Those attacks led to an immensely close sharing of information among all these nations’ secret police about all such activities.

We have an immense amount of evidence that the U.S. shares such information with its closest allies. Only a fool would doubt that those nations share their spying on U.S. communications of all forms with the U.S. secret police.

In addition, we have every reason to believe that the NSA and probably other U.S. secret police use very high-speed programs to survey immense amounts of communication information to find specific items they are searching for. That is how the NSA pin-points the American communications Bush has admitted the NSA spies on without a court order. It is perfectly obvious that most of those surveys are in violation, technically and, most obviously, in the spirit of the American laws.

We also know that Osama bin Laden and his networks of guerillas worldwide stopped using such signal communications after 9/11 because they learned that the U.S. was in fact surveying immense sigint (signal intelligence) in precisely those ways to pin-point them and spy on them. It would be absurdly useless to search for al-Queda in the sigint spied on by the NSA within the U.S. And none of these illegal spying activities by the NSA within the U.S. has led to blocking any serious al-Queda or other threat. (The only claim by Bush of a success is about an obviously mentally deranged American who fantasized about bringing down the Brooklyn Bridge by using a blow torch on its massive structures. That is patently insane.) Therefore, the Bush secret police are not using their vast secret spying on American sigint to find al-Queda as Bush claims. They are spying on Americans for other purposes not yet admitted. The claims by Bush et al. that these violations of the Fourth Amendment of the Bill Of Rights (against unwarranted searches and seizures) are needed and used to find al-Queda plots are not true.

All of the evidence I know of leads to these conclusions. I will certainly welcome any countervailing evidence and any arguments that invalidate my argument and analysis.

The general conclusion would seem to be equally obvious. We are faced here with an immense, carefully planned conspiracy to violate Article IV of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the U.S. involving potentially thousands of officials acting as officials with the full authority of their offices to execute a line conspiracy (ordered from the top) and then to distort and lie about all of that in a scofflaw cover-up. If these apparently true masses of evidence and reasoned conclusions are in fact true, the implications for us all are dire. It is imperative that the veil of secrecy be torn aside and the full truth revealed to the people of America, the sovereign and legitimate power of this nation.