The Circus Is in Town

My wife and I home school our children until high school. I went to the school to make sure that their names were not given to the military for recruiting. The school informed me they were obligated by law to turn over that information. That started a three-day search until I found the opt-out information within the "No Child Left Behind Act." When I informed school officials, they would not believe it until they saw for themselves. They then consented to provide forms from then on. That was last January, and since then there has been a lot of information online about the military’s reluctance to publicize the right to opt-out. Frankly, I think the option should be to opt-in, not out. I wrote this in reaction.

The Circus Is in Town

The circus is in town Looking for recruits Promising the world But hiding bitter fruits

From the clown at the top To the clowns in our schools You’re led to believe You’re not among fools

Trust them trust them You are assured They would never lie To an obedient herd.

Step right up Don’t miss your chance The time is ripe For a patriot war dance.

The hawks want you Take the bait and believe The cause is just For them to conceive

Rid the world of evil By shock and awe They’ll burn easy As if made of straw

They’ll never forget We taught them a lesson Generations provided With a lasting impression.

Surely they will thank us When we’re all done For the freedom we provided At the end of a gun.

So take your turn At the climbing wall Impress the clowns Like fetching a ball

Just think just think Your dreams can come true Run off with the circus Uncle Sam Wants You.

October 15, 2005