Is 30-40-30 a new herbicide? Do you use it to control noxious shrubs in your yard?

Maybe not. This formula could be restated as Bush Voters — No Voters — Kerry Voters. Personally, I couldn’t care less about the numbers of people who endorse the coercive state, while I’m very interested in the numbers of people who don’t. So I’d like to look at the 40% figure that is bandied about, and then ignored.

Counting the so-called illegal aliens, secret agents, and others not listed, there are roughly three-hundred million consumers of food, shelter, and services living within the US political jurisdiction. Of that number, about one-hundred and fifteen million voted for President in 2004, which is 38% of the population, up from 30% in 2000. Bush, however his handlers managed it, got nearly sixty-million votes, or the endorsement of 20% of the population, up from 15% in 2000. Ain’t democracy great?

Actually, it is, but I endorse economic democracy, where every man, woman, and child votes in the marketplace each and every day. That’s why I like to think in terms of the overall population, and not in terms of the selected group who are "qualified" by somebody to vote in these political charades. But to return to that 40%.

Taking the numbers as given, there must be one-hundred and ninety-two million "qualified" voters in this country, of whom seventy-seven million decided that voting wasn’t worth their time. Even discounting the third of the population as "not qualified" to vote, that 40% is still 10% more than the number of people who apparently endorsed this political administration. Coupled with the 30% who actively voted against it, that’s 70% of the "qualified" voters who do not endorse the Bush gang in DC.

No matter which way you slice the numbers, 70% to 80% of the US population are not on the Bush bandwagon. When I think about the pending military draft, Patriot Act II, the rising deficit, and the falling dollar, I wonder if the political puppets and their elite masters are not becoming a little bit nervous about this huge population who either stands against them, or has turned their backs on them. They should be.

People get tired of noxious shrubs invading their yards.