Barnyard Politics

The left in this country are characterized by their active support for all those failed policies recently shrugged off by wiser people in Eastern Europe. These are not mere "lefties," kindly old professors with patches on the arms of their tweed jackets, calling for more social programs for the poor. They want us to think that though, and there is a reason for it — they want our money, and they want our freedom. Given the track record of these so-called "do-gooders" in other countries, it might be fair to say that they want our very lives.

Forty million slaughtered children would agree with that statement. These innocents were the down payment on the coming new order.

America today lives in a paradoxical state of what we might consider an extreme neurotic frenzy — nothing is what it seems. We are, as they say in the Matrix soundtrack, "sleeping awake."

Both the left, and what we might call the "other left;" that is, the one that masquerades as the right, prattle endlessly about freedom yet have no real taste for it. For convenience sake, I'll refer to these miscreants by their formal titles: democrat and republican.

What do either of these parties know or care about freedom? Consider why I called this piece "barnyard politics." The democrats believe that freedom is somehow linked with sexual depravity and promiscuity. The animals in the barnyard might by this standard be considered "free." The pigs and sheep may have all the sex they want; they just don't get any say in what's for dinner.

If they really thought that what other people do in their bedrooms is a private matter (as I do), they wouldn't talk about it all the time nor constantly try to push the boundaries of common decency.

Real freedom however, is tied inextricably to the ownership of private property. Stalin knew that, yet we "free Americans" can't seem to grasp it. The democrats and republicans, working together against freedom launched their ridiculous "War on Poverty" back in the late sixties. It has destroyed economic freedom in this country while not eliminating poverty.

For those who believe in big government this was and is a marvelous thing. Much of course, remains to be done…

If you doubt my word, take a close look at the budget of the United States, and the national debt. The cost of that ill fated "war on poverty" is almost exactly equal to the debt, both of which were in the neighborhood of five trillion dollars last time I had the stomach to examine the figures. Now look at the yearly budget and you'll find how much is simply interest on that debt.

Makes you proud to shell out your "contribution" as Clinton, ever the master of euphemism, referred to confiscatory taxation.

To you poor benighted souls who actually voted for Billy Jeff — ponder those facts while you consider his claim to have "balanced the budget."

And just how does having your savings destroyed by inflation and your money confiscated for taxes help you, if you are poor?

If we turn about two degrees to the right, we find the Republican Party, dominated now by neo-conservatives who trace their origins to Leon Trotsky. Tell me again, please, how this the right wing? I can hear the hollow laughter echoing from the bowels of Hell as Trotsky and Lenin consider our pretensions to freedom.

The "tax relief" grudgingly allowed us under the Republicans was in no way a real tax cut since no government programs were gutted or even cut to pay for it. They just printed the money, which is simply another way to tax us. Who cares if the thief steals from your pants pocket or takes the money out of your jacket? Apparently, Americans do, since many applauded these "tax cuts," considering it a victory against big government.

These same republicans tell us, as if we were somehow children in a government day care center, that Islamic terrorists are attacking us because they "hate freedom." Sure, baby, whatever…

Americans pride themselves on seeing through high-powered sales pitches and joke about Nigerian Internet scams, yet we have bought the biggest lemon of them all from the most crooked used car salesmen in history — the United States government.

Democrats and republicans together are prosecuting the dreadful War on Some Drugs — a war that has included far more collateral damage to innocents then even the recent forays into gunboat diplomacy. While excoriating anyone who disagrees with them as "racists" these fine folks have ensured that minorities are locked up in numbers that would shame the Red Chinese at their worst. Civil liberties? Who cares?

Both parties agree that fighting terrorism is a good thing — as long as it allows them to impose ever more sanctions on Americans. I suppose this terror war thing is worth it though — it's been so nice not to have to worry about terrorists anymore…

But wait — you say it wasn't Saddam Hussein who blew up the twin towers? That it wasn't Granny who hijacked those planes? That Osama Bin Laden is still laughing at us and blowing up folks whenever he feels like it?

Perhaps its time to invoke that hilariously mis-named Patriot Act and make sure that no one runs around making un-American comments like that! The feds have after all, reminded their various alphabet agencies to be on guard against "extremists" who invoke the constitution of the United States in their arguments against suspension of civil liberties.

Democrats and republicans alike are brazenly allowing this country to be over-run in a mass migration that is sinking our standard of living and destroying the last vestiges of the Republic. All in the name of "freedom."

The propaganda machine is so good, and the electorate so mind numbed that this invasion is tolerated, even while we are strip-searched at the airports for fear a terrorist might somehow slip through our "security." This would be funny if it didn't herald the decline of our country into a third-world abyss.

We are told not to worry, these millions upon millions of migrants only want to share our "freedom" and find a better life. In reasonable numbers, fifty odd years ago, that was not such a preposterous statement. Now that our freedom is gone, and our "better life" with it — it becomes obvious that both parties are lying and pursuing an agenda different than our own.

Big government requires docile citizens — Americans are not that (or didn't used to be) so they are simply changing the make-up of the populace to insure that we become what they want: manageable serfs, toiling in the cotton fields for a pittance and proclaiming our devotion to massa.

Who cares if that devotion is expressed in English or Spanish?

The added advantage, from the perspective of government, is the massive wave of lawlessness this mass migration has caused, and the increased demand for social programs. Hoo boy — more cops and more bureaucrats — that will make "freedom" ever so much the better for all of us.

Politicians from both sides of the isle have recently claimed that this country was founded on principles of tolerance and multi-culturalism. Americans have accepted that lie. These same politicians control the public schools where history, of a sort, is "taught." Were they teaching actual history our public school educated citizens would certainly not tolerate the abuses that we now accept as the norm.

What the heck right? Just take a Ritalin and get on with the show.

Am I making this up? Test me. Ask your child who Tom Paine was or Patrick Henry. Note — the question is not for home schoolers — they know the answer. That should bother you.

Americans have heard both parties on occasion, refer to themselves as the "loyal opposition" when the other party is in the majority. In our navet, we assumed that meant they were loyal to the republic. Hardly –they are loyal to the principle of big government — they vote the same way as the majority party and embrace the same wicked ideals. They may argue about details but neither party differs on substance. Consider NAFTA — did all Americans want that? Who was the opposition party on that?

We should have been paying attention when we allowed government to re-invent language.

Now if we put two and two together, and accept the barnyard definition of freedom that the democrats propose and the republicans impose, we may find that George Bush and company are not the outrageous liars they seem to be. The one good thing I can say about the Islamic fundamentalists is that they do oppose abortion, promiscuity, and sexual depravity. If those things are what our freedom is based upon, then the government claim that they hate us for our "freedom" may actually have some substance after all.

November 22, 2003