Bring Our Troops Home and Send In the Neocons

Today is just another day and another major bombing against US and US-affiliated targets in Iraq. Our garrison troops continue under attack daily and the oil pipelines continue to explode and burn. Why the heck are we there and isn’t it time to take the false neocon propaganda and the neocon advisors and put them where they have placed our American men and women in uniform?

The neocons promised we would be met as liberators, but of course we are seen as conquerors by the citizens of Iraq, the rest of the Middle East and most of the world. They call our invaders a coalition, but basically it is just the US and its UK assistant out to steal oil and run the world. The neocons laughably claimed we invaded and occupied Iraq to provide basic services, peace, prosperity, and democracy – the social worker with the cluster bomb – but the result has been more hardship, more lawlessness, an even worse economy than under Saddam and our UN embargo, and of course no democracy.

A traditional despotism under Saddam has been replaced with an alien military dictatorship. No one wants to be ruled by foreigners. Therefore there will be no end to this guerilla war until the Washington Empire ends its occupation.

But already, no one on earth believes our lying neocon propaganda from Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and their neocon advisors. America has in less than two years lost all the world support and good will generated by the terrorist 9/11 attack, and at what price? Neither the oil nor making Ariel Sharon the local assistant emperor is worth the price. Of course, as with all colonialism and war, the people paying the price are not the same as those reaping the government-generated profits.

Our brave military is being turned into an empire garrison force and the length of service in Iraq almost guarantees that our Army Reserve and National Guard forces will have to be replenished – so the Pentagon will claim – by the reinstitution of the slavery-like military draft. Look at history if you want to know what happens long-term when you take elite, motivated military forces like our armed services and turn them into an occupation force making war against civilians and local guerrilla fighters.

Feds, declare your victory against Saddam and get the heck out. If you must have troops there, make it the First Neocon Battalion, Col. Bill Kristol commanding, Lt. Col. Michael Ledeen, Commissar. Let them reap the flowers and cheers they promised us to advance their evil empire.

August 20, 2003


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