Lost LRC Treasure Recovered

Losing something drives me crazy. I would almost rather have an item stolen than to lose it.

Almost a year ago — in September 2002 — I hosted my first Gold Conference as a benefit for LRC. Giants assembled, among the speakers and the audience, and we heard talks of huge importance for the future of our money and our freedom. Then, disaster.

The tapes of the conference, for reasons still unclear to me, turned out to be unusable (my wife will not allow me the suspicion that we were sabotaged by "dark forces"). I reconciled myself, with difficulty, to the loss of this important piece of libertarian and hard-money history. The tapes — entertaining, important, and hot — were gone forever.

But Lew wouldn’t give up, and he found us a forensic audio engineer who could — after much work — restore the talks to good as new condition.

It was like recovering a sunken Spanish galleon, spilling over with priceless gold coins.

Now we have a set for history: seven professionally edited, magnificently clear, historically important, ideologically hot, and absolutely fascinating LRC presentations, in a custom bookshelf album.

What a treasure:

  • Congressman Ron Paul on "New Money, Old Money, Real Money" (how Alan Greenspan’s ears must have burned!)
  • Dr. Gary North on "The Barbarous Relic Strikes Back" (how Keynes, Roosevelt, and Nixon must have just plain burned)
  • Joseph Sobran on "Real Money vs. the State" (how Norman Podhoretz’s ears must have burned)
  • Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo on "Lincoln, Greenbacks, and Gold" (how Harry Jaffa’s ears must have burned)
  • Peter Brimelow on "The Gold Market: A Mysterious Beast" (not to speak of the mysterious beast called Open Borders; how the left-libertarians’ ears must have burned)
  • Lew Rockwell on "Is the Gold Standard History?" (as if Greenspan’s ears weren’t red enough already!)
  • The riveting and argumentative Panel Discussion and Q&A Session

The only tape that couldn’t be recovered was — wouldn’t you know it — mine. I told you there were dark forces at work! But if you buy the set, and want a reprise of my talk over the phone, give me a call!

You can own this piece of history — and analysis and information as fresh as tomorrow’s headlines (if the newspapers weren’t a bunch of liars) — for $39.95 plus $4.00 postage and handling in the US, for a total of $43.95. Phone for the postage elsewhere.

You can pay online, being sure to enter "LRC Tapes" in the subject line, or call my office at 800-325-7257 or 800-982-7070 and we can take your order over the phone.

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