The Little Frummer Boy

I come from way up north, for I am a Frum (Frum, Frum, Frum) My mind goes back and forth, but I am not dumb (Frum, Frum, Frum) The White House hired me, for I am a Frum (Frum, Frum, Frum) Don’t say they fired me, for that would be dumb, lawsuits would come, saying you’re dumb, (Frum, Frum, Frum)

Bush was a dimwit then, you can take it from Frum, (Frum, Frum, Frum) But then came Bin Laden, and that helped him some (Frum, Frum, Frum) He took his words from me, so he wouldn’t look dumb (Frum, Frum, Frum) And I made history, Peggy Noonan’s a bum, my day will come, they will love Frum (Frum, Frum, Frum)

I don’t like Iraqis, for I am a Frum (Frum, Frum, Frum) but I hate Lew’s Lackeys, they make me look dumb (Frum, Frum, Frum) They call us neocons, and beat on their drum (Frum, Frum, Frum) Oh they’re so Hitleresque, I wish I had some, doublemint gum, stick on their bum (Frum, Frum, Frum)

I got my dough from dad, from him and my mum (Frum, Frum, Frum) DC life ain’t so bad, for I am a Frum (Frum, Frum, Frum) I dined with Bob Novak, I gave him a crumb (Frum, Frum, Frum) I stabbed him in the back, he made me look dumb, he’ll never come, back to the Frums (Frum, Frum, Frum)

It shouldn’t trouble you that I am a Frum (Frum, Frum, Frum) I wrote for W, Rove asked me to come (Frum, Frum, Frum) I wrote his lines for him, stop dumpin’ on Frum (Frum, Frum, Frum) Now NR pines for him, and they can thank Frum, I made the bum, beat the war drum (Frum, Frum, Frum)

That evil axis line, was written by Frum (Frum, Frum, Frum) My wife said it was mine, cause she’s a proud Frum (Frum, Frum, Frum) My job was then quite dead, a memo would come (Frum, Frum, Frum) “I was not fired,” I said, but I am not dumb, rumors would come, all about Frum (Frum, Frum, Frum)

I hate those guys from Lew, they make fun of Frum (Frum, Frum, Frum) Rothbard and Gottfried too, they think that I’m dumb (Frum, Frum, Frum) My facts are wrong, so what, hey I am a Frum (Frum, Frum, Frum) Let’s see the troops kick butt, let’s beat the war drum, let’s give’ em some, ammo from Frum (Frum, Frum, Frum)

Our NR glory days, the best are to come Our cover story blaze attacks you, you bum (Frum, Frum, Frum) Lew Rockwell types who think that war is so dumb (Frum, Frum, Frum) We’ll give you shock and awe, while you sit and strum, blamin’ your lum — bago on Frum (Frum, Frum, Frum)