What Can I Get Them This Year?

Every year I face the same question: what to get the kids for Christmas? My children are young adults now, so no longer do I get to try out all the new toys. Whenever I buy them clothes, they say, "Well, Dad, now we are ready for any funeral or church function." My taste tends to be pretty conservative.

So just like every other year, I am searching for that gift that will let them know how much I think of them. And now I have three grandchildren, so once again I get to look at that toy aisle. But this year I want something that will be very special.

These last couple years, I have been thinking a lot more about my children’s future. I always thought and hoped that I would be able to leave my children a country as free as my father left me. Now it looks like that won’t happen, and one of my great disappointments is how the mainstream press has become a tool for those elements in our society willing to give up freedom for some perceived safety.

Well, this year, I am going to do things a little differently. Oh, I am still going to pick out the somber clothes and will probably get everyone what I think is a fun gift. But this year I am also going to give a gift in my children’s and grandchildren’s name to

Giving to this web site will actually do something for my children’s future. This site, as Burton Blumert writes, "is the most important freedom site in the world," with a huge readership.

This site of Lew’s can entertain you, but also it can make you think, and think about many things in brand-new ways. LRC is not just for libertarians or conservatives, nor does age come in. My son and his sisters started reading, and now their friends are there too.

This Christmas, I will feel really good about this one gift. I know that Lew Rockwell makes a difference, and this gift is a positive step for my children, my grandchildren, and me too.