Don't Vote!

Voting in political government is akin to driving the getaway car in a robbery, the voter is an accessory to a crime. In the case of political government, the crime is coercion against individuals carried out by the armed force which stands behind every political law, every political lawmaker, and every political institution. Unlike the world of free-markets, in political government when some individuals win, other individuals lose.

We allow the state to teach our children that majority rule in political government is good, proper, and fair. The state does not teach our children that the authors of the Constitution were mortally afraid of majority rule and that they expended every effort to prevent it, an effort which was subsequently subverted. The state does not teach our children that when a majority rules, a minority is ruled. The concept of political democracy was flawed at its birth in ancient Greece and has remained flawed ever since precisely because a majority of people elect which self-interest will be enforced by arms, which ultimately and inevitably leads to the use of those self-same arms against the majority, the minority, and every living thing in sight. It is no accident that the fantasies which we have been taught by the state are now enabling a domestic army to be used against us; history teaches us that this is inevitable.

For thirty years I have wondered which President of the United States will be our last one, for history also teaches us that a majority in political democracy will elect a tyrant to rule, to solve the millions of problems which political government created and democracy cannot solve. Every President recognizes this and watches for the opportunity, our idols of Lincoln, FDR, and Kennedy being no exception whatsoever. The state would like us to forget that the Germans elected Hitler. Each President has gathered power to the office for two centuries, slowly at first, quickly these days, so that the office may create its own disaster, dissolve congress, and come to our rescue exactly as Hitler did, then give us the option of electing him as tyrant, which will be no option at all.

Americans have always been busy people preoccupied with their own lives and they pay remarkably little attention to what our full-time political government is really doing, which is creating and passing more and more laws which restrict our personal liberty and curtail our commerce. It has been our singular ability to create wealth faster than our political government can destroy it which has kept the predatory state at bay and allowed us to live with our illusions of freedom, liberty, and justice. The facts do not support this happy condition, however. Who is going to pay for entitlements in thirty years? Who is going to pay off government bonds in thirty years? With a total taxation rate of sixty-percent of wealth produced annually TODAY, what will it be in thirty years? The question is not, what is going to happen, the question is, when?

We are simply repeating the history of mankind, the true history, not the wishful ignorance of state schoolteachers. We have been conned into standing on the scaffold with the noose around our necks, the rope looped over political government, with the bitter end in our own hands, waiting to be told to hang on tight and jump. This is voting in political government; this voluntary suicide is the crime, a crime against life, a crime against nature. Don’t do it. Don’t vote!

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