What To Do?

Wally Conger recently reminded us to remember the FBI murders at Ruby Ridge on its tenth anniversary, August 21. Less well known, we can also remember the first anniversary of the FBI murders at Vandelia, Michigan, where they shot and killed Tom Crosslin at his private campground (Keyword: Crosslin) on September 3 and his friend Rolland Rohm on September 4. Both events were similar in set-up, stand-off, and sniping, except in speed of execution; evidently the FBI had learned that time was of the essence, and there was no messy media event at Vandelia. These murders, as well as the ones at Waco and Wounded Knee, make me doubt the wisdom of private citizens staging an armed confrontation with the professional killers employed by the State.

People should own guns for self-defense. The Second Amendment was clearly aimed at private defense against tyrannical government, but in those days it was most likely to be muskets versus muskets, not deer rifles versus assault weapons and precision sniper rifles, not to mention tanks. Nor was it likely that a state militia in those days was any better trained in killing than the average settler, they were one and the same, while today the trained killer has spent hundreds of paid hours practicing his trade. To put it bluntly, those who believe that Americans could successfully rise up in arms against tyranny are dreaming.

Since WWII there have been innumerable civilian revolts against governments around the world, but the spontaneous eruption of people with arms against armored troop carriers and tanks and Apache helicopters has only been useful for clips and bites on the evening news, while the people have been slaughtered, and their property destroyed. Moreover, our government has been planning for this contingency since the violent anti-war protests thirty years ago, and they have held military training in the streets of our cities. There is more than ample evidence to prove that this is not the way to go.

I am a good listener. I hear what people are saying at work, at the supermarket, in the malls, and what I hear is suspicion of State propaganda and anger at the outright lies fed to us by the media. Americans are not ignorant, they’re just busy, but once the word about THE DRAFT escapes from the dustbins of newspaper editors and television producers, I believe that Americans will find the time to speak loud enough for all to hear. (And did not whispers of the draft stop the Bush I and the Clinton thrust for power?) Nobody likes a trap, and the trap is set. Speak up, and speak out.

The political-military-industrial complex relies as heavily on information technology as business and industry in general, and nearly all of us as individuals. Once again, I urge IT professionals to think about what they are doing. Is your work promoting liberty, or is your work promoting slavery? For this is the history of political government repeating itself, and we can easily look to the past to foresee the future. Upon your decision the fate of mankind may hang in the balance.

Whereas I would like to ignore the State altogether and get on with my own business, I admit that since 9/11 my cause has shifted somewhat to stop our political government’s plunge into tyranny, but that is not a call to arms. American college students are not going to like being drafted again, and I encourage them to resist and to protest. I likewise encourage their parents to resist and to protest American Imperialism, and to regain our Bill Of Rights. Repeal the Patriot Act. Repeal ALL Executive Orders, and forbid that tyrannical practice. Given that much, while we would still be saddled with massive government theft and interference with our lives, we could still have some confidence in our continuing existence, and not the growing uncertainty about our future.

The time to stop the tyranny is NOW.