Federal Agent to Walter Block

Sir, This is in reference to your article on the drug war that was on the WND website.

I am a federal agent, and a “Don’t Tread on Me” Conservative.  I completely agree with you libertarians when it comes to the farce that we call the “Drug War.”

I have been in this business for just over 6 years now.  I know that the people who currently profit from the narcotrade are animals, and worse than animals.  I also know who is responsible for the whole mess.  The US Government, with its refusal to come to grips with the fact that its phony drug war is unwinnable, unconstitutional, and just plain farcical.

While most of us on the “Good Guys” team will not publicly admit it, privately, and among each other, we see no reason for this “war” to continue.  There are bigger fish to fry.  If some college kid wants to fry his brain, so be it.  If some accountant wants to toke a bit after work to wind down, it is his right.  If some junky puke wants to kill himself in a shooting gallery, more power to him, he’s doing society a favor.

We are repeating history, as we all know.  Prohibition did nothing but set this country up for more and more federal limits on our freedoms. The drug war is more of the same, and worse.

I hope the states start to take back their power.  California tried to with “Medical” marijuana, but doesn’t have the guts to fight Big Daddy Washington on this.  Besides, California is one of the leaders in the incremental subjugation of its citizens, so they have no moral high ground on which to operate.

Ah, well.  In the meantime, as we agents say, “it’s job security!”