Education Nazis

The Education Nazis Are Coming

The State-funded Education Nazis are up to their same old tricks: de-legitimizing homeschooling and destroying the sovereign family.

Recent news stories portray the advocates of publicly-funded indoctrination to be shaking in their boots over the upcoming 2002 National Spelling Bee in May. Why is that so?

Well, recent years’ competitions have launched homeschooled kids into the limelight after winning top spots in our country’s annual geography and spelling bees. These young, scholarly-minded, homeschooled kids are kicking the butts of public school drones year after year, and as a result, public education mouthpieces are furious, and seek to rationalize why this is happening.

A recent Detroit News article presents various concerns voiced by those defending their public school status quo. The thesis is that homeschooled students u201Chave the advantage because they can spend more time studying spelling during their school days.u201D Ummm, yeah, did I miss the logic in that one?

Maybe if the public schools were not so busy disciplining lifelong daycare brats, teaching self-esteem falsehoods, and pushing alternative lifestyle agendas, they would make the time to teach educational literacy. However, such a statement cannot be alleged by public education critics without having the collective education establishment launching a tirade in defense of its egalitarian ethos. After all, it’s about u201Cwhat’s best for our childrenu201D, as they like to tell us. Witness the Nanny State in full force.

And what’s best, according to The Education Peoples, is that students not be allowed to u201Ceschew normal school activities in favor of preparation for spelling bees.u201D Unbelievably, this is an actual Scripps Howard Spelling Bee rule, intended to place greater oversight upon the homeschooled whiz kids that smash their inferior competitors. A direct quote from the Detroit News article reads: Spelling Bee director Paige Kimble admits it’s a hard rule to enforce, but "we have never had any single thought or occasion to believe home-schoolers or their parents were being irresponsible about their education."

We read this as meaning that focused and individualized study to advance one’s scholastic skills is considered "irresponsibleu201D! Therefore, the enemies of real education have determined that it is u201Cirresponsibleu201D for 13-year-old kids to be home nurturing themselves academically instead of engaging in u201Cnormal school activitiesu201D, like enduring 3 hours of group activity time in the public school’s Latch-Key program; hanging at a friend’s house gazing at South Park or The Simpsons on the tube; or indulging in the harassing of adult shoppers at the local mall while skipping classes like Great Feminist Philosophers 101.

Another noted critic, Paul Houston, executive director of the American Association of School Administrators, has decreed that homeschoolers are not necessarily more scholarly or focused, but rather, homeschooling parents just happen to emphasize memorization more than public schools do. Hence, it’s not a brain game that wins the accolades of a spelling bee, it’s an illegitimate memorization technique foisted upon these unfortunate, unsocial children by overly-competitive parents.

Whatever techniques appear to explain away the inferiority blues, these folks will find a way to exploit them. The complaints are illegitimate and downright embarrassing. It’s like witnessing the stomping up-and-down of a child, at the local retailer, who doesn’t get Momma to buy him that new toy. The notion is that unless The Education Peoples can effectively collectivize all children into one huge groupthink lump under their charges, they cannot effectively control the largesse of public money that is so desperately needed to fund their sociological experiments. That being said, a self-educated family is a threat to the immediate goals of financing and ruling their managerial State revolution.

In essence, the Education Nazis just can’t stand the concept of the sovereign family, now, can they? However, the u201Cunfair advantageu201D modus operandi used by them is old and worn, and fundamentally dishonest. One wonders just how more far-reaching and ridiculous the anti-homeschool agenda can get.

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