MacHuff the Crime Dude Invites You to Play... The WHAT IF Game!

by Gene Callahan and Stu Morgenstern

But we felt we could do even a better job than IHS at getting this message across to kids, so we tried our hand at creating a fun and educational game, much like those at the McGruff and Scruff Drug and Violence Prevention Story and Activity Website. Let us know what you think! (Shh! We’re hoping to get a big fat government contract for this thing, so don’t let any Feds know how quickly we put this up!)

There are five questions in all.

Kids, click on the letter of the answer you think is best. There may be more than one correct answer for each question. Or there may be fewer!

1. What if you are walking home from school and a group of older kids you know invites you to huff some gasoline with them. You should…

A Tell them you only use high-test.

B Tell them that huff is better than nothing at all.

C Say no thanks and ask them if they ever heard of a guy named Molotov.

(Don’t just stare at the page like you’re all dosed up on peyote – click on one of the letters!)

August 31, 2001

2001, Gene Callahan and Stu Morgenstern

Gene Callahan/Stu Morgenstern Archives