• Left Wing Peaceniks Have Evolved Into Militant Warmongers

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    One of the most interesting aspects of the post-Cold War period
    is the transformation of the San Francisco Democrat types from pacifists
    to militant warmongers in the area of foreign policy. Today in a
    class of mine, the year old Kosovo intervention was discussed and
    debated. And lo and behold the same 25 kids that daily denounce
    my “insensitivity,” “mean-spiritedness” and “intolerance” whined
    that we “didn’t hit the Serbs hard enough.”

    pointed out to these kids that NATO bombs killed an estimated 15,000
    innocent Serbs and left Yugoslavia more destabilized than when we
    came in. I also pointed out the little factoid about Bill Clinton’s
    cruel policy of keeping economic sanctions on the Serbian people
    unless their dying, starving, elderly and young overthrow Slobodan

    Oh, and of course the more inconvenient facts that after all the
    talk of “genocide,” “ethnic cleansing,” and a “New Hitler,” the
    hysteriacs on the left only have slightly over 2,000 dead Kosovars
    to show from Serb atrocities. Tragedy? Yes. Holocaust? No. I also
    asked why the media, which foamed at the mouth to bring destruction
    on Serbia, has been so silent since the bombs stopped falling? Then
    there is that good stuff about pushing relations with Russia back
    to Cold War levels and accidentally dropping a bomb on a Chinese
    embassy, but we won’t delve into that.

    The truth is that intervention in Kosovo was a waste of time and
    another pathetic attempt of nation building by Bill Clinton. Under
    Bill Clinton we have seen: The loss of American soldiers in the
    Somalia debacle. Intervention in Bosnia. Intervention in Iraq. Intervention
    in Kosovo. A planned invasion of Haiti which was skirted at the
    last minute, and a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan blown up to divert
    attention from news of Clinton getting Lewinsky’ed. What has any
    of it accomplished? Absolutely nothing, unless of course you count
    the deaths of tons of innocent people as progress.

    Not long ago the left would have been sympathetic my analysis. But
    times have changed. The left has joined up with the Weekly Standard
    wing of the Republican Party(those who miss the good old days
    of the cold war) and have decided to endorse intervention just about
    anywhere for any reason. But while the Weekly Standard’s
    goal is “benevolent global hegemony,” the left endorses imperialism
    and murder in the name of “humanitarianism.” The motives of the
    left are always pure and righteous. After all, this isn’t about
    an irrational fear of Communism or the shedding of blood for oil
    or for evil transnational corporations; this is about preserving
    “human rights” and “social justice.”

    We have a big problem when a large segment of Americans think foreign
    policy should revolve around some utopian dream of nation building
    and “humanitarianism.” I for one don’t see anything “humanitarian”
    about dropping bombs on innocent civilians, but of course the left
    in all their purity dismiss such silly talk. Most Americans still
    believe that we shouldn’t send young men and women to fight and
    die in a war unless a compelling national interest is at stake.
    But such crazy ideas are now roundly dismissed as “isolationist”
    from people who want to “withdraw” from the world.

    term “isolationist” is now part of the collection of political boogie
    man words like “anti-Semitic,” “homophobic,” or “xenophobic.” Wanting
    to stay out of wars that are none of our business is not just wrong
    according to the war coalition; it is irrational and plain evil.
    The obvious goal of the “isolationists” is to see a “New Hitler”
    arise to persecute the masses overseas while we just point and laugh.
    “Isolationism” also leads right to a “New Munich” where the “New
    Hitler” will overrun countless territories and eventually threaten
    the United States. That is quite interesting considering the latest
    Hitler, Slobodan Milosovec can barely keep his own country together.

    The “New Hitler” hysteria is a favorite tactic of the left since
    Hitler is still an obsession for left wing militants even though
    he and his Nazi party have been dead for over 50 years. Communism,
    which is still around today, continues to inflict death and suffering
    on its people. However, the Compassion Czars on the left fail to
    direct much outrage over the evils of Communism. And while reflecting
    on Hitler’s atrocities directed towards the Jewish people is still
    a daily ritual of the left, “Uncle Joe” Stalin who murdered many
    more than Hitler, is pretty much forgotten and forgiven.

    left should stick to making themselves look like morons protesting
    the IMF and World Bank instead of trying to pass themselves off
    as foreign policy strategists. The loopy ideas that they and their
    imperialist allies like Bill Kristol hold are dangerous and will
    only lead to more instability. It won’t be until we are bogged down
    in some remote country loosing countless American lives in the name
    of “gender rights” or “ending hate” that the left will trade back
    their machine guns for their tie-dye shirts and lava lamps. And
    then it will be too late.

    22, 2000


    is a freelance journalist and co-creator of www.thepotatoe.com

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