The Conservative Movement: An Indictment

How to understand the failure of the conservative movement in America? And it most certainly is a failure – let's not pretend that getting Dubya into the White House was anything but a minor defensive victory.

We can look at the symptoms of our defeat: our constitution has been overthrown, our public schools are government propaganda centers, our colleges are bastions of political correctness and no longer teach logical thought processes, we are constantly waging aggressive war, we have presided over the destruction of the black community, and the complete degradation of our moral framework.. Have we not failed? What remains?

Yeah, those are some pretty scary symptoms all right. So how are conservatives to blame? Aren't we the ones who believe in truth, justice and the American way? Yet here we are, living in a country that murders its own children and where the morals and beliefs of our fathers have been throw into the gutter of history. Were we asleep? How did we allow this?

A common excuse is that the Democrats have held political power for too long. So why is that? Didn't we tolerate it? Didn't we allow their deconstruction of all we hold dear? Did we fight back with everything in our power? The answers are all too obvious.

How many states are left where you can carry a firearm on your person? Very few. Yet those states have the lowest crime. This is simple, but one would think it very complicated, given the tone of the debate. We let it happen is the answer. Those are our children being shot by the SWAT heroes, our wives being raped by punks whose very existence would not have been tolerated in a better age. Yet these things are not enough to energize us.

Did conservatives speak out against the numerous and horrific wars of aggression, undeclared war, it should be noted, or did we jump on board the jingoist bandwagon and sing a few choruses of rally round the flag?

Did conservatives speak out when the government and their media shills discovered their non-existent separation of church and state nonsense? Nope. We rolled over. Can we ever get a fair trail in a court that is not guided by the principles set out in the Ten Commandments? Not hardly, but what's that got to do with us?

Many times I've asked myself the hard questions: How on earth could the Yankees justify their involvement in a war of aggression against law-abiding Southerners? How could Germans justify their passive acceptance of the Nazis? How can any American justify the slaughter of unborn children?

But the answer becomes clear as we take a long hard look in the mirror. How many conservatives have taken their kids out of the despicable public school system? How many politicians have we voted for that learned their "leadership" skills at Harvard or Yale, even though we knew those institutions to be hot beds of leftist and feminist ideology? How many men have taken the hard decisions that would allow their wives to raise their children, instead of the state? In the end, we have soiled our own garments by jumping on the materialist bandwagon, at which point our moral authority is gone and we are merely fellow travelers with the enemies we claim to repudiate.

How many conservatives allow their children unrestricted access to the Internet, or the television set? How can we claim to be surprised at the misdeeds of the children, when we allow the very media we claim to detest, to raise our children for us? For who is teaching values to the kids – us? Nope. We are out there struggling to pay our tax bill and get that new SUV or boat that we simply must have. Meantime, our children our learning that sex is what happens when male and female meet for the first time. Marriage is never mentioned.

Has anyone noticed that the decline of the United States into depravity started in the churches? Yet there is a very strong parallel in the decline of government into socialism, and the problem in both instances can be tracked to man's innate sinful nature, his venality and his physical and intellectual sloth.

Many of our mainstream Christian seminaries have become hotbeds of left-wing political activity and worse, they have reduced the Bible to merely a "book." One Lutheran Synod no longer sends missionaries to Africa because it would be insulting to the cultural tradition of the people dying there, in their sins. If the people in the pews are unaware of this, they have no one to blame but themselves – the information is freely available. We let a bunch of punk kids determine the course of the most important institution in our lives and when we wake up and realize what we've done – maybe we can take our churches back. Maybe… But remember when you're whining about the despotic government getting out of hand, that if you couldn't even control your own churches, you never had a chance against the boys in the SWAT costumes and the pinstripe suits.

If you reckon that I'm exaggerating, ask your pastor if he / she (that's right, "she" – there are female pastors in the apostate denominations) believes in the Virgin Birth, or the Creation Story, or the Resurrection of Christ from the dead. Watch as they cringe and spout platitudes about the "symbolism of these very important religious traditions." And when they get done squirming, ask yourselves why you should give your time, talent, and treasure to whores like these. At least the government has the decency to take your money at gun point.

Now think back to what I said about television: can taking your kid to Sunday School for an hour a week, even in a true Christ centered church, make up for all the filth you've let them feed on from that horrid box? Can it make up for all the violence and debased sex they have seen in the course of a single week? Can it make up for the truly depraved political correctness they've been force fed at school, along with their Ritalin? If worst case holds true, and it often does, they are actually hearing the same claptrap in church that they hear on MTV. There is a church down the street from me with a homosexual choir director. Are the parents who let their son join the choir showing any moral responsibility?

So why do I indict the conservatives? Didn't the liberals, both theological and political, cause all this harm? Yes they did, but it's a lot like blaming the burglar because you left your house unlocked. Dogs bark and eat kennel rations, we should not be surprised at that. Liberals are wicked, debased, and frightened people – why on earth should we blame them for what we allowed to happen?

This recent election showed us a country split right down the middle. I say to conservatives – we are wimps! How could we let one half of the country, and that the sorriest half, dictate to us the terms of our culture, our government and our religion? To confiscate our money, our children, our freedom; without much more than a whimper from conservatives, whose leaders after all, "seek the middle ground and wish to govern responsibly!" God help us if this mess of ours can be called "responsible government," or if those sad sack conservatives in DC can be called "leaders!"

But we let them do it. So don't blame the liberals. They are doing what comes naturally.

To Southerners in particular I say this: there is still decency to be found down here. But the rot has set in. Those liars in government claim that our first attempt at peaceful secession was wrong because of slavery. They had to kill us and burn our homes over that, despite laws and constitutional guarantees to the contrary. We know that to be a lie but play along for a second and follow the logic trail: there is no slavery now! We're out of here!

January 9, 2000

Mr. Peirce fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian Smith side, of course).

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