Your Taxes at Work

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It is not enough that Our Rulers rob us to brainwash everybody else’s children: we also pay to haul them off to the indoctrination centers. Even in New York City, where “public transportation” abounds, the educrats loot us of more wealth on behalf of the unions–sorry, so that their victims arrive at the centers on dedicated busses. And now the public-school-bus-drivers’ union (yes, there is such a beast) has declared a strike. Naturally, parents who should be teaching their children at home are indignant and upset — though not indignant or upset enough to rescue their offspring from Leviathan’s often-fatal clutches.

Naturally, the mainstream media regales us with hard-luck tales of parents struggling to shuck their kids off on the State before racing to their fascinating jobs. One article under the headline “Devoted [sic. Yeah, right] mom endures hours on round trip” contains the following paragraph; besides the obvious evils of thrusting kids into the maelstrom of government’s indoctrination and the bizarre grammar, does anyone see something very, very wrong here (hint: I italicized the offending words)?

“The boys — 7-year-old first-grader Nileke and 4-year-old Malchi, a half-day pre-kindergartner — are dismissed from school several hours apart, so for their single, stay-at-home mom, she has to travel about four hours in one day.”

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that this sponge strenuously objects to exerting herself while riding around the City on our dime: “It’s a struggle for me … I don’t normally take them both on the bus and train. I think it’s wrong and unfair. This trip is very stressful for me.” Aaawww.

10:02 am on January 18, 2013