What Would Lincoln Think . . .

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. . . about the Crimean vote to secede from Ukraine?  That’s an easy one.  In his first inaugural address he proclaimed that secession always and everywhere is “the essence of anarchy” and would guarantee “despotism.”   Let a state secede, he said, then cities would follow, then . . . . anarchy!!  Despotism!!

This has always been simple-minded nonsense that only public school-educated Americans (or Claremont Institute “Lincoln Fellows”) could fall for.

UPDATE:  Abe was right about one thing: After he unconstitutionally orchestrated the secession of West Virginia from Virginia, West Virginians did live under a despotism until April 1865.  And one emailer writes to ask if the black people in Crimea will now be returned to bondage.

7:24 pm on March 16, 2014