Western Media’s Pravda-Like Lies on Syria Bombing

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A bomb went off near a children’s playground in a pro-Assad neighborhood of Damascus today, resulting in unspeakable and heart-wrenching casualties. There was supposed to be a ceasefire in place for four days, but the insurgents used government forces’ pause to launch major new attacks in Aleppo.

Considering the insurgents’ tactics have been consistently to explode bombs in major city centers — just last Sunday rebels blew up Catholics trying to attend Mass in the Old Quarter in Damascus — one might assume that major mainstream news outlets like CNN might be capable of actually reporting what happened without applying propaganda spin to reflect the policy of the US government.

One would be wrong.

Instead we are told:

“The blast seemed a mockery of the truce that the Syrian government and rebels agreed to abide by earlier this week.”

Then CNN treated us to its usual “reporting” where it quotes an unnamed source who just happens to apply the CNN/State Department spin, which is totally irrational:

About 15 minutes after the blast, Syria security forces showed up and shot directly at someone filming the scene, a source who CNN has spoken with before inside Syria recounted. CNN is not naming her to protect her safety.

“The people were mad with grief with rage,” she said.

A small demonstration actually formed, as Syrians chanted against the Assad regime, she said.

They immediately blamed President Bashar al-Assad’s forces for the bomb.

Who were these people demonstrating? Where is the proof? None. Just an unnamed woman “fearing her safety.” The government is so insane that it blows up its own supporters? Must be the work of a madman! Like Saddam, Milosevic, Gaddafi, etc. Yes, we have heard it all before. Killing their own people for fun.

Then CNN weasels out of what it surely knows is pure propaganda by stating:

“But it’s unclear who was behind the bombing.”

Of course. But it has been very clear who has committed each bombing in Damascus to this point: the insurgents.

CNN continues:

“Syrian state media blamed the blast on ‘terrorists,’ a line the government has used since the beginning of the movement against al-Assad began in March 2011.”

Notice the quotes around “terrorists” as if CNN does not agree with the assessment. But what would any other normal person call someone who blows up kids’ playgrounds? Oh but one must never admit that the Syrian government is right about anything. Hence the quotes.

Then CNN uses partial reporting to obfuscate the facts, to make it look further like the government forces are behind the violence:

Video on YouTube purportedly shows men walking down a street in Damascus carrying guns. Constant gunfire can be heard as well as a man repeatedly saying “Allahu Akbar,” or God is great.

The implication is that these are government forces. However it is the insurgents, not the government forces that are radical jihadists screaming “Allahu Akbar” without pause, as we see in graphic videos like this where they were executing prisoners.

All news is lies. The media in the West is like the Soviet media of old, slavishly parroting the propaganda lines of their government masters.

Meanwhile children are blown up by US-supported jihadists and the US media provides them cover.

4:20 pm on October 26, 2012