U.S. Bureaucracies That Are Dictatorships

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A gentleman from New Mexico sent me his lengthy comments on an even more lengthy 475-page document issued by the Bureau of Land Management. The BLM is busy closing lands off to mining and closing public roads that have long been in use, as part of the environmental madness enforced by true believers who are in government bureaus.

The BLM, like all government bureaucracies, possesses a technology of oppression and dictatorial rule. Included in this is a specialized language, heavily Latinate, that numbs the mind. Ordinary people have a very hard time penetrating this language barrior. Legal rules and proclamations reaching back to the bureau’s inception form another weapon. Delay is another. Making a rule when no one is looking or awake is a tactic. Controlled public hearings that pretend to factor in public opinion is a tactic. Lengthy documents is another. Facts and figures, statistics, pseudo-expertise — these are bureaucratic weapons. In the end, they have power behind them.

A bureaucracy can outlast a person and wear him down. Only a very unusual and heroic member of the public is willing to spend his or her life fighting these bureaucracies and rousing the public. The FED is such a bureaucracy, as are the BLM and the EPA. The government is filled with them. Beneath the surveillance state lies a set of bureaucracies allied with contractors. Among other things, Edward Snowden has brought this entire bureaucratic apparatus to light. Is it a crime merely to make this known to the public?

6:07 am on June 25, 2013