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A flunkie at the White House is outraged that an elected representative should criticize a “career professional.”

That “professional” began his snug career decades ago as a trainee for the CIA. Now, as Obama’s “anti-terrorism” adviser, he forbids criticism of the CIA’s dismal-as-usual performance.

Let’s get one thing straight: bureaucrat lifers who can’t be fired and whose unions are among the most radical and intransigent in the country, are not “professionals.” Their flaks coined that term years ago to distinguish them from representatives who (whatever their sins) were actually elected by the people.

These slugs are determined to wring every dollar out of the taxpayer to secure and enlarge their salaries, pensions, and benefits, while they harangue, browbeat, and destroy the country, if they work at all. Meanwhile, they cannot be fired. They interpret this job security as a confirmation of their belief that their I.Q. rose  by forty points when they went to work for the government.

For four days they have stayed at home with full pay. I’m with Bill Rickenbacker, who suggested thirty years ago that we leave them there, keep paying them, sell their office buildings and equipment, and repeal the legislation that spawned their foul tribe. The government says taxpayers are “losing” $100 million every day the bureaucracies stay closed. Close them for good and it will save the country $100 BILLION dollars a day. As Bob Dylan says, “Country’ll grow.”

10:16 am on February 11, 2010