re: Be Suspicious

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Even “worse” than the hunting, fishing, shooting, and beard-wearing on Duck Dynasty, Lew,  is the fact that every episode ends with the entire family, grandchildren and all, praying before dinner at a very large table.  I’ve watched several episodes, and there’s not been a single “celebration” of “diverse” lifestyles” and not a metrosexual male to be seen anywhere. How did this show ever make it on television, let alone become the top-rated show on cable?!

Apparently, Phil Robertson, the “Duck Commander,” is an old pal of football legend Terry Bradshaw, who is also from Louisiana.  On the Jay Leno show last week Terry said that when he was in college at Louisiana Tech Phil Robertson was the starting quarterback because he (Terry) was simply not as good as Phil.  When Robertson quit the team, Terry got his chance and the rest is history.  Louisiana Tech University recently honored Bradshaw and Robertson at a football game.

I’m surprised that Salon did not mention that Muslims associated with al Qaeda also have a beard culture associated with their traditional values.

11:43 am on October 21, 2013