It Wasn’t About Elvis

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So now we know why the Japanese prime minister visited President Bush recently. Not to see Graceland, but to scheme an attack on North Korea, or at least its threat. Of course, small and poor North Korea should not have tested its pathetic Scud missiles; it should not have a massive army and WMD (nor socialism!). But after Bush threatened a future attack in his “Axis of Evil” speech, the search for a deterrent was to be expected. How very sad to see a possible revival of Japanese militarism, which led in the past to a brutal colonization of Korea. That’s one reason South Korea too is sensitive to Japanese threats. We hear a lot about China and Japan in connection with North Korea, but little about the country with the most at stake, South Korea, because it wants detente. As Justin Raumondo notes, this has been stymied by US belligerence. See Justin’s “What Does North Korea Want? To Be Left Alone.”

12:37 pm on July 10, 2006