Is it time to make that call?

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By which I mean that once in your life call to your congressman.

Under normal circumstances, I’d be the first one to say that calling any government official about changing policy is a waste of time because they just don’t care what you think. I think this is different. The establishment is in a state of chaos and the rats are already jumping off the sinking ship of the bailout. It’s fun to watch in a sick way.

(A digression. The political class is now experiencing what the libertarian movement has for forty years—their cohesiveness is being weakened by the pursuit of multifarious personal agendas.)

The Dems now realize that this bailout might be a tad unpopular so the Republicans are currently trying to buy them off by actually increasing the scope of the bailout. Ironically, that makes the deal even bigger and more expensive and more revolutionary in its implications.

Long story short–this kleptocratic bailout, this bailout of the billionaires, is so unprecedented, so outrageous, so stupid, so evil, and so audacious, that we might just be able to stop it.

If we act soon and together. The odd phone call makes no difference. Millions of phone calls or better yet, visits to your congressman’s office, could make a difference, just this once.

I call it High Noon Thursday.

Again, you hear a lot about how this needs to be rushed through. They are in a rush because they know that if people actually realized what they are proposing, the bailout would be defeated.

7:40 am on September 23, 2008