Huckabee Is Running for Jefe

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Huckabee was on Fox & Friends this morning, demonizing China. Then he said, “Next thing you know, they’ll be feeling up travelers at the airport.” He went on to give an LRC-like denunciation of the TSA, its violation of the 4th amendment, and its evil methods, and then noted the whole program was about getting rich by selling multi-million dollar scanning machines to the government. “You mean Chertoff!?,” said one of the horrified boobs. Hey, Huck, this applies to your wars and every other government program, too. He noted that this is Obama’s program (yes, but it all started with Bush and really Nixon). Of course, Huck ended with the typical neocon appeal: “we” must profile and further humiliate Arabs and other Muslims, and copy all the other police-state methods of some foreign country.

UPDATE: With this sort of rhetoric about the TSA, Huckabee—like Palin with her anti-Fed talk—is trying to steal Ron Paul’s clothes. But they won’t fit either one of these phonies.

11:29 am on November 23, 2010