‘How Can the United States Project Its Core Values . . .

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. . . when people who represent it behave like out-of-control college kids on spring break,” asks columnist Cal Thomas.  Thomas refers here to the military bureaucrats who “defend” U.S. State Department bureaucrats abroad who have, once again, been caught engaging in what he calls serial “sexual assaults” and an “endemic” solicitation of prostitutes while on the job.

News for Cal:  These ARE “our core values.”  They are the “core values” of the military and have been for a very long time.  The U.S. military is an American institution; therefore, these are indeed “our” core American values.  (Haven’t you watched MTV recently, Cal?  Or the new ABC miniseries, “Mistresses”?  Or just about any movie coming out of Hollywood?).

Question for Cal:  Since when is “projecting our core values” at gunpoint  and the constant threat of waging total aggressive war on countries that have done nothing to us a legitimate, constitutional role for government?  Feel free to project YOUR values in Syria, Lebanon, Israel, or wherever, Cal, but I wish you would leave the rest of us out of it.

Information for Cal:  In addition to gross sexual perversion and illegality, a hallmark of the U.S. military for generations, among the other American Core Values that “we” project at gunpoint are:  crony capitalism that benefits the top one percent at the expense of everyone else; unlimited government run by limitless liars; mind-boggling public debt; a bankrupt welfare state that destroys families and the work ethic; the fascist attitude of worshipping all things military; grossly irresponsible money printing to pay for government handouts; a “war on drugs” that has generated and explosion of crime for generations; and the brainwashing of all school children by government schools in the supposed “exceptionalism” of this regime.

8:34 am on June 15, 2013