Encouraging news

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I was just on Facebook and an ad came up stating:

“Now hiring Officers”

“It only takes a few months of training to be a cop. Fill out this short form and learn what it takes.”

It’s good to know that people who are given guns and the essentially unchecked authority to shove citizens around, Tase them, and shoot them, need only submit to less than a year’s worth of training.

I clicked on the link and was informed that a career in criminal justice is both “exciting” and “lucrative.” Lucrative is right. In Oakland (for example), on the first day of Academy training, a cop-in-training starts at over 60K with no college. He gets more for a college degree, and once you’re out of training, “current annul [sic] salary is $71,832 to $90,540″

9:17 pm on August 7, 2009