Dr. Thomas Szasz on Major General Edwin Walker

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After reading my blog on the JFK Assassination and Cover-Up, an alert LRC reader forwarded me this insightful article by the heroic Dr. Thomas S. Szasz on the heavy-handed attempt by the federal government to involuntarily commit former Major General Edwin Walker for his political views. Szasz relates how he was approached by Walker’s defense counsel to assist in fighting the General’s imprisonment.

Psychiatry is despotism in the service of the Therapeutic State, rationalized as  “progressive” science and “compassionate” medical care. In the past, racial  stigmatization and segregation were indispensable for the political class and  the State. Today, psychiatric stigmatization and segregation are indispensable  for the political class and the State. This is why no exposure of brutal  psychiatric injustices makes a dent in the mental health system’s lofty social  status as a benevolent, ethical, scientific medical discipline.

6:58 pm on July 30, 2013