Binswanger v. Rothbard: The Real Agenda

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David, you were much too kind and gracious to Harry Binswanger in your critique. Binswanger is an aging Randroid, a long-time true believer of the Gospel of Ayn Rand. Accordingly he is a dedicated enemy of all heretical musings of the infamous former Randian deviationist Murray N. Rothbard, revisionist American history, and libertarian power elite analysis. To Binswanger the heretical concepts of “anarcho-capitalism” and libertarian class analysis are anathema and violate every dogmatic tenant of his insular brand of orthodox Objectivism. The Randroids well perceive that Rothbard and his dynamic doctrine of “anarcho-capitalism” are more intellectually attractive to young people, while the antiquated Randian Gospel is fading in relevance with each passing day. Witness the spectacular flops of the two Atlas Shrugged movies.

6:10 pm on January 26, 2014