As If They Don’t Get Enough Benefits Already

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President Obama has signed a bill to restore benefits that had been “cut” for military retirees. The “cut” would have “held annual cost-of-living increases for veterans age 62 and younger to 1 percentage point below the rate of inflation, beginning in 2015.” The “cut,” which were enacted in December, were supposed to save the government $7 billion over ten years. Veterans groups and military-worshipping lawmakers “said the cut was a mistake.” So, even though their benefits would increase every year, military retirees were still getting a cut in benefits. Don’t they get enough benefits already? And regarding the $7 billion. This is peanuts. That amount is burnt through in no time fighting the war in Afghanistan. I would rather see the senseless and immoral foreign wars end instead of a benefit “cut” for military retirees. It would save much more money and stop the killing of Afghans and U.S. troops. )By the way, U.S. troops are still dying in Afghanistan.) If were are going to have all of the U.S. soldiers that we do (and you know that I think we shouldn’t), I would rather see them being paid not to fight than to kill on my dime while pretending to defend my freedom.

3:28 pm on February 19, 2014