Another of the NSA’s Targets

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Di didn’t even have time to get off her knees at that hearing before Senator Dan Coats (R-IN) was elbowing her out of the way so he could kiss the NSA’s butt, too: “It’s very frustrating,” Dan whined, “to know that we have programs that comply with the law, that have been approved by the Congress, that have been approved by the president of the United States, that are saving Americans’ lives, and there are efforts to compromise those programs to convince a nontrusting public … Had we not had these programs in place, I’d hate to think of what we’d be talking about…”

You won’t be surprised to learn that the “Director of National Intelligence James Clapper … agreed with Coats.” Vehemently, no doubt.

Were I Mrs. Coats, I’d be investigating the laws of divorce and moving assets into my name, just in case Dan can’t humble himself thoroughly enough to forestall the NSA’s revelations of his extracurricular pursuits.

12:00 pm on September 27, 2013