The Ultimate Movie Quiz

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1. Ho do the villagers pay for their Samurai protectors in Akira Kurosami’s classic The Seven Samurai?
 In Rice
 In Livestock
 In Weapons
 In Cash
2. Which star of The Godfather won an Oscar for his performance?
 Robert Duvall
 Marlon Brando
 Al Pacino
 Jaime Cann
3. Who starred opposite Mickey Rourke in the steamy 9 1/2 Weeks?
 Juliet Lewis
 Kim Basinger
 Rebecca De Mornay
 Meryl Streep
4. What is the name of the human city that the machines wish to destroy in The Matrix trilogy of films?
 Neon City
5. Which of the following American institutions is blown up in the blockbuster Independence Day?
 Camp David
 The White House
 The Pentagon
6. Which actor won an Oscar for his performance as cerebral palsy sufferer Christie Brown in My Left Foot?
 Daniel Day-Lewis
 Richard E Grant
 Gary Oldman
 Tim Roth
7. Jack Nicholson won the Best Actor Oscar for One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, but which famous actor also won for producing the film?
 Marlon Brando
 Micheal Douglas
 Peter Fonda
 Robert De Niro
8. Sean Connery shot to fame in Dr. No in 1962, but who did writer Ian Fleming famously want to play James Bond?
 Alec Guinness
 Roger Moore
 Peter Sellers
 David Niven
9. Who stars as the giant Hagrid in the Harry Potter movies?
 Robbie Coltrane
 Kenneth Branagh
 John Cleese
 Richard Harris
10. Which British actress won an Oscar in 1969 for her performance in The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie?
 Maggie Smith
 Julie Christie
 Glenda Jackson
 Margaret Lockwood
11. Which lucky youngster was chosen to play Harry Potter in the film adaptation of JK Rowling’s novels?
 Rupert Grint
 Tom Felton
 Daniel Radcliffe
 Jamie Waylett
12. Pierre Boulle wrote the novel on which The Bridge On The River Kwai was based, but for which sci-fi story is he also known?
 Planet of the Apes
 Logans Run
13. Why did Hollywood change the title of A Matter Of Life And Death for its release in America?
 They already had a film with the same title
 The British wouldn’t let them use the title
 The didn’t like the word death
 It wouldn’t fit on the posters
14. What forced the American studios to re shoot much of The Wicked Lady in order to get it past the censors?
 Heavy Petting
 Excessive violence
 Margaret Lockwood’s bossom
 James Mason’s accent
15. Which American monument is scaled by the great ape in King Kong?
 The Empire State Building
 Mount Rushmore
 The Statue of Liberty
 The White House
16. What famous demand did Steve McQueen make before agreeing to star alongside Paul Newman in The Towering Inferno?
 The same screen-time as Newman
 The same number of love scenes as Newman
 The same stylist as Newman
 The same number of lines as Newman in the script
17. The writer of which film famously once declared “The British are coming!” at the Oscars?
 A Room With A View
 My Left Foot
 The Crying Game
 Chariots Of Fire
18. What does James Bond’s Lotus famously turn into in The Spy Who Loved Me?
 A submarine
 A plane
 A helicopter
 A boat
19. What is the name of Alfred Hitchcock’s debut film?
 The Birds
 The Lodger
20. Laurence Olivier produced, directed and starred in which Shakespeare adaptation to boost wartime morale in 1944?
 The Tempest
 Romeo and Juliet
 Henry V
21. What kind of drink does Hugh Grant spill on Julia Roberts to begin their romance in Notting Hill?
 Orange Juice
22. What is the name of Johnny Depp’s character in Pirates Of The Caribbean The Curse Of The Black Pearl?
 Captain Pugwash
 Captain Jack Sparrow
 Captain Kirk
 Captain Barbossa
23. How many Oscars did the international mega-hit Titanic win?
24. Which American President was once cast as the lead in Casablanca, before being dropped for Humphrey Bogart?
 George Bush
 Richard Nixon
 John F Kennedy
 Ronald Reagan
25. Which British actor made his debut as the prototype Angry Young Man in Saturday Night And Sunday Morning?
 Richard Burton
 Terence Stamp
 Albert Finney
 Tom Coutenay
26. Who took over from Sean Connery as James Bond after You Only Live Twice?
 George Lazenby
 Pierce Brosnan
 Roger Moore
 Timothy Dalton
27. Only one of these famous 1980s bands does not feature on the Donnie Darko soundtrack. Which one?
 Joy Division
 Tears for Fears
 Echo and The Bunnymen
 Frankie goes to Hollywood
28. Which Hollywood star took on the role of Moses to deliver The Ten Commandments?
 Paul Newman
 Charlton Heston
 Burt Lancaster
 Dustin Hoffman
29. Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s classic The Red Shoes features what type of dance?
 Hip Hop
30. What is the name of Inspector Clouseau’s side-kick in the Pink Panther films?
31. Sergei M Eisenstein’s 1925 film The Battleship Potemkin depicts which revolution?
 The French revolution
 The Cuban revolution
 The Russian revolution
 The Chinese revolution
32. Which classic Second World War film does Aardman Animations’ adventure Chicken Run pay homage to?
 The Great Escape
 Where Eagles Dare
 The Battle of Britain
 The Guns of Navarone
33. Which of these hits is not a song from Grease?
 Grease Lightening
 Summer Nights
 Cool Rider
34. Who provided the voice for the big green ogre in Shrek?
 Vincent Cassel
 Eddie Murphy
 Mike Myers
 John Lithgow
35. In which Brazilian city is the South American hit City Of God set?
 Sao Paulo
 Belo Horizonte
 Rio De Janeiro
36. In Danny Boyle’s terrifying horror film 28 Days Later, what has caused an apocalypse in Britain?
 Viral Outbreak
 Nuclear Accident
 Poisoned Food
 Global Warming
37. How many Oscars did Gone With The Wind win?
38. Who cheats death in the famous 1940s drama A Matter Of Life And Death?
 David Niven
 Oliver Reed
 Lawrence Olivier
 Gregory Peck
39. Which of his films did Stanley Kubrick famously remove from British cinemas after a public outcry?
 Eyes Wide Shut
 A Clockwork Orange
 The Shining
 Full Metal Jacket
40. How many warriors attack Michael Caine and the small British outpost in the film Zulu?

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