Ten Unusual Ways To Get in the Top 1%

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by James Altucher: 7
Things Happen to You When You Are Completely Honest



At midnight
my door opened and I saw the shadow of someone about 4 feet tall
walk into my room and stand by my side of the bed. u201CI can't sleep,u201D
she said and she was smart enough to also say, u201Cmy mind is racingu201D.
Over the nine years of her life so far she has probably heard me
say that many times. Like when I was losing a home and I threw a
chair and the police were called. The third time police had to be
called on me in life (out of five).

So I took her
hand and we walked downstairs and she gave me a lecture on what
was going on in each one of her classes and she concluded with a
discussion of the various Greek gods (u201CAthena is my favorite,u201D she
said. u201CWho is yours. Hermes?u201D) And then I saw her yawn and I said
maybe now she can try to go back to sleep, which she did.

I'm scared
for her. My mind races also. How many times has my mind woken me
up at midnight to remind me of how little money was in my bank account,
or how many bills I had to pay, or how much I hated my job, or even
hated being an entrepreneur with customers, clients, people screwing
me, people hating me. I don't want her mind to wake her like that
when she’s older. It's the worst pain. And I might not be
there then for her to talk to.

Will she kill
herself? Will she wake up her husband or girlfriend
or whatever and say, u201Cmy mind is racing. Talk to me.u201D

One time some
bad business things
were happening to me. Something was shutting
down, other things were going down. Some people were cheating me.
Whatever. My mind was racing. I woke up Claudia. u201CBreathe like this,u201D
she said. It was two in the morning but she wanted to help. She
had me do a breathing exercise that involved quickly exhaling but
I forget the rest of it. Then I fell asleep.

One investor
of mine told me I had a u201Cscarcity complexu201D – that I
always had a strong feeling that I had nothing even when
I had many things to be happy about. This was about eight years
ago. I agreed with him. He wanted to be my mentor.
I wanted him to sell his busines
s and then let me invest the
money. So I agreed to everything he said. I did that back then.
But in this case maybe he was right. Unless I'm at optimal
health in every way I constantly feel like I have less than nothing.
It's post-traumatic stress from losing everything several times
and watching my father lose everything twenty years earlier.

No toys will
ever patch that bleeding.

The country
now has a scarcity complex. u201CThe banks took everything.u201D u201CThe government
took everything.u201D u201CThere are no jobs.u201D u201CThere is no moneyu201D. Everyone
is in despair. Everyone is scared about feeding their family. Scared
and scarred. Greece, Japan, China, Libya, terrorism, Jamie Dimon,
Obama, Rich Perry. These are the monsters in the closet at night.

I'm tired of
monsters in my closet. Anger won't change anything. Complaining
won't change anything.

I want to be
consistently in the u201C1%u201D. Not of money. Money comes and goes, talking
of Michelangelo.

I want
to be in the 1% of the happiest people on Earth.

My only
goal is to be in the 1% of happiness. Else, if I'm in the 99%, then
all of my other goals will also fall short of the 1%. You
can't meet the love of your life, for instance, if you're in the
botton 99%. At least, from my
it will be harder. It's like taking out the garbage
and expecting to meet the love of your life in the garbage can.

My life is
like a laboratory and happiness has been the experiment. Only when
I've been in the 1% of happiness have my other goals been satisfactorily

So I know what
I have to do when I slip into the 99%. This might not work for everyone.
Maybe some people have to protest with signs to be in the top 1%
of happiness. That doesn't work for me.

these ten things work for me:

Lately, exercise has worked
for me
to stay in shape and sweat out toxins. Bad stuff
builds up in the body. You have the usual disgusting methods to
get out bad toxins that go into the digestion system. But what about
bad stuff that builds up in every pore of your body. You have to
sweat it out. Sometimes just 100 pushups a day will do it. For me,
I like doing yoga.

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22, 2011

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