Neo-Fascism and Paleo-Tyranny

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regimes, defined as corporate-statist regimes with pseudo-democratic
faces, face the difficult task of building their vast (so called
“totalitarian” in popular usage) Party powers in secret in their
early years in power. This was true even in Italy and Germany where
civil liberties and democracy had only weak roots when the fascist
regimes took power. It is far more true in the democratic nations,
especially in the U.S., the cradle of modern democracy among major
nations (following in part in Swiss footsteps). The Italian and
German fascists created non-state armies, the black and brown shirts,
and moved quietly below the public radar to get control of the media
and courts and police by purchase, infiltration, and intimidation.
The American Neo-Fascist Party, the Republicrats with their two
factions, have done the same things, but have relied far more on
corporate, legal purchases of the media and on infiltration than
on direct intimidation, which always involves the danger of exposure
which could be fatal as long as the people still oppose Party control
of their lives. (The U.S. factions of the Party have at times used
vast character assassination attacks by telephone, etc., and have
used all kinds of less “formal” intimidation and “tricks” that cannot
be traced back to a Party source.)

The crucial
task of the Party in its early years is to build legitimacy by deceiving
the people. They do this mostly by using three devices. First, they
frighten the people, or make use of real sources of fright, by creating
foreign and domestic threats – the capitalist dogs, the Jews, the
Versailles Slave Treaty, the commies are everywhere, The Terrorists
want to destroy America, etc. Two, they use attacks on weak foreign
“enemies” and weak domestic enemies to “prove” the Party can SAVE
the people from the foreign and domestic threats. This leads to
an explosion not only of relief for salvation, but also soaring
nationalistic pride associated with the Party, which is crucial
in building legitimacy for the Party. Three, the Party uses its
growing control of the Media, both direct and indirect, and its
control of growing secret police armies (Gestapo, SS, FBI, CIA,
IRS, etc.) to deceive the people about what is happening – to transform
foreign allies like Iraq into “ENEMIES that threaten our very existence!,”
to cover-up the growth of the secret tyrannical armies of police,
to cover-up vast Party blunders and corruptions of all forms, etc.

By these means
the Party secretly builds the legitimacy of the secret tyrannies
it has been building. Once it has widespread support among the less
informed (more misinformed by the Party Media), less intelligent,
and more paid-off (by Party contracts, etc.), the Party tries to
carefully choose a TURNING POINT, a point at which it can bring
its vast, secret tyrannical powers into the open and have them accepted
and legitimized by the people. For the Nazis this turning point
came after the dramatic burning of the Reichstag (the erstwhile
parliament building). It was probably set by the Nazis, though we
can only guesstimate this from how they operated in general, since
they covered their tracks well and blamed it on their domestic enemies.
The public sense of threat and outrage led to a great surge in Party
support, as any politician knows will happen in such circumstances,
and this led after months of build up and maneuvering politically
to the Enabling Act which gave Hitler and the Nazis legitimacy for
the secret tyrannical powers they had been building.

The U.S. has
followed this same basic scenario almost step by step. The attacks
on the U.S. of 9/11 led to the vast expansion of secret police powers
both by public legislation and by vast secret usurpations. The Party
has moved in every way possible to get more control over the Media
to silence opposition, to hide its secret activities, to cover its
tracks, and so on. They have manufactured “ENEMIES WHO THREATEN
OUR VERY EXISTENCE” (Muslims, not Jews, Iraq, not Poland) who can
be easily defeated to build a sense of nationalistic pride, and
on and on.

The U.S. Party
made a fatal mistake in forgetting a crucial lesson of modern warfare – guerilla
warfare is very effective even against Superpowers. If Bush et al.
had won their war against the “ENEMIES” of Iraq, they would have
been seen as heroes by most ignorant Americans and would by now
be passing legislation to legitimize all of their vast expansions
of the tyrannical powers of their secret police. As it is, they
have been losing legitimacy and some of the Media are no longer
as intimidated as they were. The Media have begun to slowly reveal
the perfectly obvious fact of their vast expansion of secret police
tyrannies – spying massively on Americans, torture chambers, kidnappings,
murders, and vast war crimes of all kinds.

This has apparently
forced the Bush Junta to “put up or shut up.” They feel that they
must “go for broke.” If they back down now, the Media will reveal
more and more of the awful truths about what they have been doing,
their immense corruptions of every form will be exposed, their stupid
mistakes will be exposed, and they will be in danger of facing war
crimes tribunals or simple court actions for their vast kidnappings
and torturing of people around the world.

They feel
they must play out their hand however weak it is. So they are forcing
the issue: they are admitting their secret tyrannies and showing
nationalistic pride in them and insisting that they are necessary
for the Party to SAVE us from THE EVIL ONES.

This is a
very dangerous period, a turning point one way or the other. Bush
et al. may now try to use far more secret police powers to intimidate
people or to openly seize far more power, presumably under the pretense
that it is necessary and legitimized by the state of national emergency
that never ends. My guess is that most of the American people will
not wake up to the obvious threat. They will see this as just “politics”
and think Cassandras like me are RANTING as usual. But the military
and secret police are split. Many secretly vehemently oppose the
Party seizures of power that have been going on. (This is almost
an exact parallel to the split in Germany where the military General
Staff remained generally opposed to Hitler and almost killed him
and the head of the Abwehr, comparable to the FBI, was stridently
anti-Hitler.) In such a situation the emerging events will have
great effects on the outcomes. And, of course, looming over it all
is the vast financial BUBBLE the Party has built globally to advance
their powers, a BUBBLE that can crash at any time. At this point,
we cannot say for sure which way the U.S. will go. But my guesstimate
is that the vastly powerful Neo-Fascist Party state will continue
to grow, with fits and starts, retreats and advances, ups and downs,
as it has done for a century, regardless of the fate of Gush et
al. And whenever the Party BUBBLE finally implodes, as I strongly
expect it will at some point, the resulting mass dread, suffering
and chaos will be an ideal situation for the Party to seize vast
new powers and have them legitimized by a people really facing mass

I am, however,
optimistic about the very long run. Having tried in some form almost
every one of the totally bizarre, absurd and disastrous programs
of modern totalitarianism, Americans will eventually realize that
“FREEDOM WORKS” and retreat to some form of vastly reduced government
power. The Nightmare Years of total corruption of everything by
the Party will end and Americans will fall back on the simple and
decent foundations of human nature to put their lives back together.
The Utopian Plans of the Party will leave only a ghastly hangover

27, 2005

D. Douglas [send him mail]
is a retired professor of sociology from the University of California
at San Diego. He has published widely on all major aspects of human
beings, most notably The
Myth of the Welfare State

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