What Will Be in 2006?

We stand now before a new year, and what will happen? Here are some very good tips:

  • Charles de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu will continue to spin in his grave over the reduction of his theory on limited power to the mere formal separation of powers between entities that derive their powers from the same source, especially a universal suffrage—based electorate.
  • Russell Kirk will continue to spin in his grave over what passes as conservatism nowadays.
  • The centenary of the passing of the great Dr. Henrik Johan Ibsen will pass without many converting from "what the majority wills is right" to Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People concept "the minority is always in the right."
  • LRC will reach ever higher levels of readers.
  • LRC will reach ever higher levels of donations.
  • The United Nations Development will for the 6th consecutive time announce Norway on the top of its Human Development Index.
  • Norwegian and other media will once again tell us that the UN has named Norway as the best country in which to live. Once again the media will be wrong, as Farmann reported for the year 2005.
  • American midterm elections will not bring back limited government to those United States.
  • Copenhagen Institute will organize yet another successful seminar with Ludwig von Mises Institute fellows.
  • The fight against further integration in the European Union will continue. Perhaps it even will increase. The Eurocrats will continue to find ways to avoid the resistance.
  • The fight for a reversal of European integration will continue. Perhaps it even will increase. Again, the Eurocrats will continue to find ways to avoid the resistance.
  • The size of government will continue to grow, and we will continue to long for the days when the government was not referred to as "us."
  • Germany will not see much change in spite of the free market—oriented Mrs. Angela Merkel, as the Communists these days rule all of Germany.
  • There will be yet another successful Russian Summer Ball in London.
  • The world’s biggest government will continue to be the federal government of that nation that goes by the name The Land of the Free.
  • The principalities of Liechtenstein and Monaco will continue to be thorns in the eyes of democrats.
  • Austria will continue to be a "republic," while visiting tourists will continue not having that impression.
  • The concept of low fare airlines will continue to grow in Europe, making it even easier to get around Europe cheaply.
  • The new "red-green" government in Norway will give a bit more taxation, as the former "non-socialist" government gave a bit less taxation.
  • Politicians will continue to be irritated over the fact that the public looks up to something else, for instance royals, and not to the politicians.
  • The smearing of honorable scholars of American history, such as Professors Thomas DiLorenzo and Thomas Woods, will continue.
  • Western civilization will reach ever lower levels, as the process of degeneration and decline continues.
  • We will see even more of things like "people" shamelessly showing their underwear to the rest of the world in even more disgusting ways.
  • Illiteracy will rise in the West, but in this egalitarian age it will continue not to be called illiteracy.
  • Bhutan will move yet another year through its transition from monarchy to democracy, repeating the mistake made in Europe and other places in this world, whilst the King of Bhutan will be receiving a number of warnings and encouragements saying it’s not too late to stop or reverse the transition. Such warnings and encouragements will be accompanied by copies of literature making the case the "transition" was not such a good idea, such as Hoppe’s Democracy: The God that Failed.
  • The U.S. Congress will renew the USA Patriot Act. This will not happen without resistance. Some provisions may be altered, even taken out, but basically it will be renewed intact, with negative implications for liberty in those United States and the world.
  • The U.S. Government will become even more indebted, and we will thus move one year closer to the end of the dollar era.
  • The price of gold will rise.
  • The governments of India, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and others will continue to be actively non-supportive of the King of Nepal, proving with their indirect support of the Maoists that they believe in democratism, not liberty.
  • Norway will be experiencing a nice and hot summer, and the media will be claiming that this is due to man-made global warming.

Have a happy new year.

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