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Mr. Rockwell,

article on today’s site is timely. After having just traveled from
Chicago to Boston this past weekend I am irate at the evolution
of the airport into the police state. First, I was not permitted
to board my flight because, after having waited for 45 minutes for
“security clearance” I finally was able to check in at 12:31 for
a 1:00 flight. The bitter-faced ticket agent told me I COULD NOT
BOARD because my bag will be on the plane without me since I would
not be able to make it through ANOTHER security point in 30 minutes.
I had to wait 7 hours before I could get on another flight, since
ATA tickets are not honored by major carriers.

the return journey, Boston’s Logan was crawling with self-important
MP’s who took obvious joy in making ignorant, naive, robotic Americans
squirm. The Arab man in front of me was obviously (though unnecessarily)
nervous as the MP scrutinized his passport. The MP finally let him
go and then gave me a hard time about my not resembling my license
picture. Now, I know I have black hair and dark skin but this was
ridiculous (I am half Welsh and half German). He said to me “can
you take your hair down and remove your glasses?” I answered with
a resounding “no.” He seemed surprised at my refusal and then started
questioning me about what was in my carry-on. I told him it was
none of his business. He was flustered and angry but he “let” me

I had the sense during the entire experience that I was in some
Ray Bradbury novel. A woman’s soothing voice came over the loud
speaker and announced that those who had nail files, scissors, etc.
on their person would “be detained.” I am looking around, hoping
someone would appreciate my sneer but the looks that followed me
were bland and cooperative. What can we do?

Rockwell, I know this story is like a hundred you have heard but
I am so shaken and upset. How are people not more skeptical? The
true enemy of this country is our own government as they expoit
the paranoia and infuse our media with propaganda. We see enough
about Hitler yet we do not realize his strategy is alive and well.
My friends are starting to appreciate my conviction and they are
reading your articles that I email them but they are too afraid
to question the government. The airports are just the beginning.
What about the National ID card? What about the second Amendment?

am looking for some comfort and guidance. What are my rights any
more? How can I spread the truth?

C. Hofley

2, 2001

C. Hofley (send her
) is a teacher in Chicago.

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