Tryanny Personified

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the U.S. Senate confirmation hearings for attorney general nominee
John Ashcroft, Senator Ted Kennedy (D-O'Shea's Saloon) threw a fit
over a perfectly correct statement once made by Ashcroft regarding
how the founding fathers advocated the Second Amendment right to
bear arms because of their belief that a well-armed citizenry constituted
yet another check on governmental tyranny. "What, us,
tyrannical?" Kennedy bellowed. He then demanded that Ashcroft
"apologize to the American people" for having made such
an outrageous statement.

Kennedy is perhaps the most important member of Congress because
in incidents like this he reminds Americans of how truly corrupt,
tyrannical, deceitful, and rotten to the core the US State has become.
To Kennedy, murdering some 80 people, including several dozen children,
with poison gas, machine gun fire, and flames in Waco, Texas, because
they allegedly violated a minor gun control law (which is unconstitutional,
of course) is not an act of tyranny.

FBI sniper shooting a new mother holding her baby in her arms at
her home in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, right between the eyes because her
husband allegedly violated a minor gun law is not an act of tyranny.

literally thousands of innocent civilians in three different foreign
countries with cruise missile attacks just to deflect American media
attention from Bill Clinton's impeachment trial is nothing to be
concerned about in Ted Kennedy's mind.

tax police in recent years have audited over a dozen outspoken conservative
and libertarian organizations that have criticized government intervention,
but has not investigated any left-wing groups. There is supposedly
nothing at all suspicious or tyrannical about this, as well.

tax cops have a training videotape in which an "instructor"
gives the following advice on how to treat taxpayers: "Make
them cry. We don't give points around here for being good scouts.
. . . Seizure and sales. That's our mind set . . . . You're not
out there to take any prisoners. . . enforce collection until they
come to their knees." And people like Senator Kennedy insist
on referring to the federal income tax as "voluntary"
and the tax collection office as a "service."

to the government's "glancing goose" standard, if a goose
flies over one's property and glances down at the smallest mud puddle,
the government has a right to control the use of that property under
the commerce clause of the Constitution because the goose is likely
to cross state lines and be shot down by a hunter, which would constitute
interstate commerce. This is not a joke. This is an integral part
of the EPA's "wetlands" policy of unconstitutional property
confiscation. Nothing tyrannical about that, either, Senator Kennedy?

all over America have attempted to return to some semblance of equality
under the law by prohibiting racial hiring quotas, only to be vetoed
by a single federal judge, educated at one of the left-wing propaganda
mills known as Ivy League law schools, and granted lifetime tenure
by unscrupulous and downright criminal politicians like Bill Clinton.

on mere hearsay, heavily armed, flak jacketed federal Drug Enforcement
Administration agents can break into one's house in the middle of
the night and confiscate all of one's property if an "informer"
tells them that there may be marijuana plants there. Property is
confiscated without recourse, and it takes years for innocent parties
to get it back, if they ever do. Many innocent citizens (and even
their pet dogs) have been gunned down by federal agents in such

in 1999, the National Security Agency ran a spy satellite program
named "Echelon" which scans millions of phone calls, e-mails,
and faxes from all around the world, ostensibly looking for "national
security threats." The Soviet Union's secret police were never
so prying and abusive of citizens' privacy.

the Second Amendment's protection of the right to bear arms, in
recent years laws and regulations have been passed that ban millions
of guns, create thousands of "gun-free zones," retroactively
turn more than a million gun owners into felons by declaring their
firearms "illegal assault weapons," and created a national
registry of all people who have purchased firearms, historically
the first step to gun confiscation. All of these laws and regulations
are a blatant attack on the Constitution, our most important safeguard
against tyranny.

are just a few examples of horrifyingly tyrannical behavior of the
US government that has become routine. Politicians like Ted Kennedy
are Orwellian caricatures who apparently believe that TYRANNY IS
FREEDOM, for they are the architects of all these despicable acts
of tyranny. If the American public ever wakes up to this fact, these
political charlatans will hopefully suffer the same fate as the
defunct tyrants of the former communist countries.

19, 2001

J. DiLorenzo is Professor of Economics at Loyola College in Maryland.

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