Bipartisanship For Dummies

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is a simple concept but some Americans are having trouble understanding
it. Obviously, bipartisanship is a wonderful thing, all those marvelous
pundits are suddenly expounding upon it and lauding its virtues.
Aren’t we experiencing the results already, as we shop maniacally
to support the "holiday" yet not offending anyone by mentioning
the name of Christ?

let’s consider what bipartisanship means. As kids, we had no trouble
understanding things like this. For example, you toss a coin, grin
wickedly, and exclaim, "Heads I win, tails you lose!"
The Russians understood this as far back as the eighties when there
was a joke current in Moscow which told of a stockcar race between
Brezhnev and Reagan: with only two cars in the race, the Soviet
leader managed to place second, while the Yankee imperialist war
monger placed a distant next to last!"

bipartisanship means simply that one must suspend disbelief and
act as if suddenly the world is a wonderful place, where the enemies
of freedom seek only what’s best for us all. Bipartisanship, has
in fact, brought us to the wonderful new utopia we now inhabit.

Jesse Jackson lambasting Republicans as the new Nazis we really
have to reach for our doofus filters to understand what’s going
on. It was Republicans who in gross error, passed the Civil Rights
Bill – you know the one, the monstrous legislation that forbids
freedom of association. The bill for which Democrats have been taking
credit ever since.

Republicans, sadly, went along in large numbers with the Great Society
which was to lift the poor out of their sad state. This is called
"doing the work of the American people." One could also
call it taking the money earned by American workers and giving it
to those who don’t work. This has cost us somewhere between three
and five trillion dollars but don’t despair – that just happens
to be the size of the national debt. We didn’t spend any "real"

our economy–the real economy, not the farce the airheads on TV
talk about–was a bipartisan deal. So what if your wife has to work
now and your kids grow up with no supervision other than a Yankee
government school which teaches socialism, new age religion, and
sexual perversity? You wanted bipartisan government, and baby you
got it.

what if too many of the black people of this country no longer grow
up in two-parent families aand are victims of killers weaned on
the terrifying rhythms of "gangsta" music, where women
are referred to routinely as whores and bitches?" Yet Jesse
Jackson thinks we haven’t done enough. I wonder what remains to
be done? What’s left to destroy? Even the churches in the black
community have become socialist bastions, assuming in their government-sponsored
naiveté that somehow God wants bipartisanship. Yeah, it’s
time to move on – we’ve helped them enough – look out Hispanics,
here come the social reformers!

the blacks, under the dubious leadership of the Democrats, have
voted overwhelmingly for unlimited immigration: another bipartisan
bit of chicanery. Don’t they know that those Koreans they hate so
much are immigrants?

I’m picking on the blacks, and I must, after watching their lemming-like
behavior in this recent farce of an election, let me add they seem
to overwhelmingly favor gun control based on their voting record.
Hmm. Don’t many of them live in the very neighborhoods most victimized
by hoodlums? One supposes they are very much impressed by their
local police!

let’s get down to who the real dummies are: the Americans who have
funded the destruction of their own freedoms. Whose families are
little islands of discontent in the midst of long hectic days of
hard work and coordinating tasks like picking up their kids from
the government babysitters. Bipartisanship has worked for them.
Oh yeah…

accept mass migration as if their culture, the one that created
all this wealth, were somehow evil. They accept socialist government
and the police state, as if betraying their ancestors shows some
kind of moral commitment to doing the right thing. They cringe in
guilt when race baiters like Jackson lecture them on their many
sins. A good many of them voted Democratic, to hasten the demise
of what’s left of their country.

means supporting any war that comes down the pike, and turning the
military into an aggressor force, while using them as a socialist
workshop to try out new and disgusting theories about gender. It
means killing half a million children in Iraq.

means killing our own unborn children in numbers that baffle the
mind, and rend the heart. A few wretched men in black robes take
the blame for that, but it took a bipartisan Congress to let them
to get away with it.

what of the "red area" on the election map? The part of
America where work still gets down, and people still pray? Where
we own weapons? Where black people are not huddled into government-organized
ghettos and are making a difference in their communities? Are we
to accept bipartisanship? Did we vote overwhelmingly against the
welfare-warfare state only to embrace that very thing?

we did. Bush is "reaching out" to Democrats, and promoting
a time of healing. How sick that cliché sounds – an empty
string of words concealing any real attempt at communication. It
means getting everybody back on board while the government continues
to eat our souls, steal our money, and kill in our name.

your child is naughty, you do not "open a line communication"!
You spank that child and remind him of the obligation to behave
himself. There can be no bipartisanship in a real relationship,
why should there be any in a contrived one? Make no mistake, government
by it’s very nature is repressive, and our relationship with government
must always be a contrived one because our job is to limit government
power, and that is, of course, the last thing government wants!

we wonder, does the government repress our religion? Mock the commandments
of God and take the very resurrection and incarnation out of Easter
and Christmas, and talk instead of solstices? The attacks on Christianity
make a lot of sense if one examines the issues. Government in New
York had no problem with Muslims praying in public school. New age
religion and environmentalist nonsense such as Gaia worship are
perfectly acceptable in our schools. Christianity is a problem though.
For Christians say that all men are sinners, and need repentance.
That men cannot be trusted with power. The founders knew that, and
created a form of government that would restrain the power of those
who served.

leaders prefer us to believe that they are good, and have our best
interests at heart. They band together, Democrats and Republicans,
for the supposed good of the nation, unlike those selfish patriots
who once fought tooth and nail for an ideal.

service was the word in the days of the founders. Enriching oneself
at the public trough was not taken for granted as it is today. But
then along came Lincoln, and after he mustered enough storm troopers
to do the job, the failure of the Constitution became evident. We
had not built enough fences to restrain government. We had not built
a high enough wall to keep our own sinful natures under control.

those of us in the "red zone" have an awesome task ahead
of us. We must not only take our country back from the zombies of
bipartisan exploitation, we must take it back and keep it this time!
It is said that freedom is only good for a generation or so – it
must be won, and kept, and re-won yet again. Man’s sinful, greedy
nature makes that a difficult, but not impossible task. For it was
with God’s help that we got our freedom in the first place, and
it will be with His help that we just might get it back.

all of you bipartisan folks out there I say but one thing: never!
Never will I join forces with your evil majority, your wars, your
race hatred, your pagan religion, and your despotism. I will not
support your fascist drug war, your baby-murdering ways, and constant
insults to the name of our Savior. I will not fall in to the sexual
depravity and filth with which you seek to drag us all into your
pit. I will work hard every day and pay my own way, and I will give
money to those I chose, and fight to keep the rest for my family.

eh? Let’s change that word around. Why should the enemy get to control
the language? Bipartisanship can mean what we want it to mean. To
me, it means I’m not just a Southerner any more — the whole "red
zone" is seething with rebellion and discontent. Our "Copperhead"
friends in the blue zone are numerous, too! To all our opponents
we say this: "Don’t tread on me!"

Christmas and God bless!

21, 2000

Peirce fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian Smith
side, of course).

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