The Medical Establishment Fired Me for Rejecting Conventional Wisdom

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by Karen De Coster: Do
Black Friday Shoppers Care About Starving Children?

The greatest
things always seem to happen to me. By "greatest," I mean
the kind of really offbeat stuff that just doesn't seem to happen
to a lot of other people. Stuff that makes for such good stories
that it almost sounds fabricated.

Two weeks ago,
I received a certified letter with the familiar logo of my Doctor's
office on the envelope. I opened it to find out that I was being
fired. I was kindly informed that I should never again return to
the office as a patient. Here is the letter I received, with the
printed name scratched out to protect the guilty.

I was never
a patient of Dr. "Owner" (as I'll call him), but I was
a patient of another doc in the office, Dr. A, who used to own the
medical practice in the good old days, before Dr. Owner took over
and turned the practice into something resembling a Department of
Motor Vehicles office. First, I'll backpedal a bit to provide a
little history to this story.

About fifteen
or so years ago, when I was already suspicious of the federal food
pyramid, the quasi-government nutrition-diet establishment, and
the medical oligarchy, I used to listen to Dr. A appear as an occasional
guest on the AM morning talk show (on WXYZ in Detroit) I tuned in
to each day. Dr. A was a D.O., he had a holistic bent, and he always
talked about alternative views for medical care. One of his favorite
subjects to talk about was home remedies and why they were often
more successful at treating ailments than the drugstore and pharmaceutical
alternatives. When I heard him talk up Hot Toddies, which are a
time-honored tradition in my family, I was sold. Dr. A became our
new family doctor.

Over time,
his medical practice changed. Business rules became more stringent,
and patient care seemed to get pushed into the background and became
secondary to the enforcement of rules and regulations. I don't blame
it all on the doctors — the entire American medical establishment
has become statist and Sovietized under our quasi-governmental,
third-party payment system that has completely abandoned functional
medicine while taking the oath of Big Pharma and Big Cancer.

A few years
ago, Dr. Owner bought the business from Dr. A. He is a fairly young
guy, and a strict adherent of conventional wisdom – exactly the
kind of Doc being turned out by the medical establishment nowadays.
Each time I visited the office I was asked to get a flu shot and
make an appointment for a mammogram — two standard items that define
the establishment protocol. Neither of these is beneficial, and
in fact both are harmful, but lots of folks in the statist medical
system make a whole lot of money off of the existence of this protocol.
One month ago, I had to visit the doc, and when I was asked again
if I wanted a flu shot, I said, "When I want to avoid the
teensy-weensy chance that I will get a mild flu for 3 days, and
increase my chance of long-term health problems or immediate harm
to my immune system, I'll get your flu shot." I was branded
as a "troublemaker" because I kept denying the flu shot.

This office
visit also came with another suggestion to get a mammogram.
This was my ninth time saying, "Only if I want to increase
my chances of getting cancer." As the troublemaker, I was then
asked to sign a waiver saying that I was indeed refusing to get
this "life-saving" test. I signed; I have no issues with
confirming my dissent in writing.

In addition
to all of the conventional wisdom that I kindly said "no"
to, I always had to ask for a referral to my chiropractor in order
to have those visits covered. You see, I have had an HMO (managed
health care plan) because, not only did I not pay anything for my
full coverage, I got paid by my employer to be in this special
"Healthy Wellness" program because my health stats were
so sterling. My net cost savings was $88 per month. I thought I
could tolerate the HMO because I hardly ever used health care or
went to the doc, and plus, I am a cash-based patient at the local
Center for Holistic Medicine. That's why I opted for the HMO; it
was useful in case I needed coverage for an unexpected or catastrophic
event. Then I suffered a blunt force injury that did some damage
to my pelvis and sacroiliac joint. So I had to go to my doc, as
my primary care physician, to get referrals for specialty care.
That's when stuff got ugly. Predictably, my chiropractic referral
wasn't granted — why should I want to see a chiropractor when my
conventional doc can give me scripts and flu shots and send me for
annual mammograms?

following that last appointment, I had already fired my doc because
I had switched to a PPO health plan, via my employer, dumping the
managed health care plan and moving to the PPO effective January
1, 2012. I had already decided I wasn't ever going back to that
place again. Then I got that letter telling me I was no longer welcome.
So I decided to send back a certified letter of my own. I shortened
the last names for privacy. Dr. MK is the same as Dr. Owner.


Dear Dr.

Thank you
for your recent notification that I have been fired as a patient
at The Family Doctor.

after concluding my most recent appointment at your office (Dec
2011), I thought I had already fired you. Effective January 1st,
2012, I move back to a PPO, and accordingly, I will no longer
be required to have my health care needs managed at the most basic
level by a Primary Care Physician. I will not need any "medical
care" from you or your office from now until January 15th,
a period determined by you.

Your offer
is very gracious, but should I ever need medical advice or attention,
I have already become a cash-based patient at the Center for Holistic
Medicine in West Bloomfield, where I have already passed the Independence
& Wellness Test with flying colors.

Dr. MK, I
do understand, as per your letter, that the "circumstances"
you describe definitely do necessitate a parting of ways for my
benefit (and sanity), as well as for the good of your practice/business.
My refusal to give way to incessant requests to receive your government-medical-pharmaceutical
establishment flu shot, as well as my refusal to comply with your
office's requests for an excessive dose of unnecessary radiation
via pointless mammograms, do not put me in your favor from the
standpoint of your adherence to medical conventional wisdom.

Yes, I understand
that the above listed items are profitable schemes for many of
the participants in the health care industry. Yet I have chosen
to not sacrifice my health for the sake of complying with
the demands of a wayward health & wellness paradigm that just
makes people sicker.

the office wallpaper (wastebaskets, pens, gowns, mats, equipment,
etc., etc. stamped with a Big Pharma logo) would also confirm
your astute observation that "the continuation of our Physician/Patient
relationship will no longer be beneficial to me." I agree
with you wholeheartedly. Indeed, the conventional wisdom passed
off as "medical care" offers me no benefit as a healthy,
happy human being who is in charge of her own life.

But I do
thank Dr. A for past years of service, prior to the business changeover.
And I also give kudos to Ms. B, a wonderful PA (Physician Assistant).
Please give her my best.

I will be requesting the release of my medical records to Dr.
Brownstein's office.


Karen DeCoster,

Owner of
a Healthy, Thriving Body

I enjoyed writing
and sending the letter. I'd like to say that no more HMO means no
more managed care for me, but that certainly is not true. The entire
system — whether you have traditional coverage, a PPO, or any version
of an HMO – has become a centrally planned, quasi-nationalized health
care scheme where the patient's independence, choices, and ultimately,
health, are sacrificed to the standard protocol as determined by
the medical establishment's purveyors of conventional wisdom.

Americans are
already held captive by the fraudulent system's purposeful constraints,
but just wait until the nationalized system becomes "official"
and those who have opted out in the past – cash-based patients and
folks who spurn health coverage — become targets for punishment
for denying the regime's mandatory ball and chain.

6, 2012

Karen De
Coster, CPA [send
her mail
] is an accounting/finance professional in the
healthcare industry and a freelance writer/blogger. She writes about
the medical establishment, Big Pharma, Big Agra, the Corporate State,
health totalitarianism, lifestyle fascism, industrial-medical-pharmaceutical
complex, and essentially, anything that encroaches upon the freedom
of her fellow human beings. She is a proponent of ancestral health
and the natural, eco-ag farming community, and she opposes the Fed’s
anti-food choice totalitarianism. This is her
and her
. Check out her
. Follow her on Twitter @karendecoster.

Best of Karen De Coster

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