Shorting evil

Writes George Sm

Lew, this article is a must-read.  

“The most fantastical fantasy is global governance. It’s axiomatic that the bigger the government, the greater the evil. So, not surprisingly, the plan envisions wiping out a good portion of the human race. Death rates are climbing and life expectancies plunging from bioweapons and vaccines, opioids, socialized medicine, an industrialized agriculture and its unhealthy food, ecological and climate tampering, shrinking real incomes, poverty, and psychological deterioration from 24/7 promotion of crises, fear, and totalitarianism.

“As more people see the brick wall behind the curtain, ruling caste panic intensifies. The rabble aren’t buying into the plan and they’re not dying quickly enough. Thus the seemingly inexorable march towards World War III. Either one or both of the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East could devolve into global conflict that gives the overlords the death toll they crave.

“Death, including their own, is their objective, not the supposedly better world they say they’re after. Yes, that’s insane.”

Shorting Evil by Robert Gore