Re. Whom do we trust?

Writes Michael H.:

Hello Lew,

I am going to attempt to answer your rhetorical question ‘’Who gets to decide if you can have children or not? ‘’ with a symbolic example out of my own history.
In the 1980s, me and my wife – kids in our twenties – already had two healthy little daughters, the greatest gift of God. We lived in Vancouver, BC.
My wife was pregnant for the third time and as we were happy to find out, all hell broke suddenly loose. Our sweet young doctor became businesslike and announced that after a conference of doctors in the clinic it was decided that it wasn’t safe for the young woman to have another child so soon. I will hate myself to my last second on earth for giving in to those cannibals. They took our baby with our consent, and some time later we were coerced yet again into giving up another. This is not something either of us has talked about to people.
Many years later, I accidentally stumbled upon an article on Wikipedia which stated that it had been a policy of the Canadian government (the other Trudeau) ‘’the two kid family’’.

Now, our youngest daughter is long gone of an overdose of their pills, and the one remaining won’t have kids for ‘’her own reasons’’.
There’s depopulation for you Lew in all its grandeur long before it was announced explicitly.

There is nothing anyone can say about this now but I’ll tell you this much:

It’s a great pleasure of my life to see you  (and so many others on your site) keep up the good work.