White Guilt and Brainwashing

Joe Biden is #2 at 28 cents and Warren is #1 at 38 cents on Predictit. That’s her largest lead yet. This is after Joe Biden’s Birmingham racial speech. One can place zero reliance on media interpretations of his speech from MSNBC and its ilk. MSNBC called it powerful and significant.

When Biden invokes racism, slavery, sin, white supremacy, violence, etc., it’s nothing more than waving the bloody shirt.

Biden’s speechifying on race is terrible, terrible, morally reprehensible. He’s simply trying to get votes and power off of raising the level of emotion about race. White on black racism is dead in America as a mass movement, as a criminal enterprise and as a legal movement. Keeping racism alive by rhetoric, incitement, accusations and exaggerated interpretations of crimes is an awful thing to do. It’s despicable. It’s untruthful. Biden, running second against Warren’s widening lead, is simply trying to stay in the contest.

Today’s white Americans as a group are NOT GUILTY of ANY race crimes. White guilt is being manufactured and spread by repetition, laws, teaching and indoctrination. It’s a political strategy based upon evil use of psychology.

WOKE and white guilt are being spread by techniques related to brainwashing, even if the methods do not involve imprisoning people and depriving them. Success at inducing guilt doesn’t necessarily require physical pressures.

According to my 1962 Britannica edition, a superb encyclopedia, classic Chinese Communist brainwashing “involves the removal of social and perceptual supports; the weakening of the ego by physical pressures; the coercion of guilt-provoking behaviour that then requires rationalization; the destruction of the person’s self-image by humiliation and revilement; etc.” The idea is the “creation of an atmosphere in which redemption and freedom were completely contingent on successful reform”.

Once the white guilt is induced by instilling a persuasive set of stories that make people feel they’re responsible for things they didn’t do, then they’re ripe for re-programming in order to clear their consciences. That’s the way in which they can redeem themselves, remove their sins and pay off on their debts.

The reprogramming means adopting the WOKE agenda, and this includes reparations and the progressive left agenda. It includes a range of coercive political measures that aim at equality. It includes a sexual agenda. It includes measures aimed at eliminating non-existent racial discrimination.


9:07 am on September 16, 2019