The West Must Awake and Confront What May Prove To Be Its Greatest Challenge

Over the course of the past three millennia, Western Civilization has faced many apocalyptic challenges and existential threats, both internal and external.

I believe we stand today, as a civilization, quivering on an oscillating precipice facing perhaps our greatest danger, one as real and threatening as the series of Medieval invasions from multiple hostile forces, the Magyars (Hungarians) from the east, the Viking expansion from the north and the Arabs from the south, all followed by the Bubonic Plague which ravaged the continent.

Those who hate and seek the destruction of the West wear many ideological guises and raiment.

Here are two representative samples of this savage invective: First the classic speech/article, “For the World to Live, ‘Europe’ Must Die,” by Russell Means, followed by a more contemporary delusional diatribe which unites virtually all insidious strains of progressivism, “Extinction Rebellion isn’t about the Climate.”

9:51 pm on October 10, 2019