The Enemy: Antifa or Related

Few people making divisive political comments yet fully realize that at bottom the riots have absolutely nothing to do with race or racism. Peaceful protests are one thing. Looting is another thing. The organized inciting of riots, rioters and destruction through arson and vandalism is a third thing, and it is the main enemy we face. The ones behind the worst violence will be found out and put away. The candidates at present are antifa or an antifa spinoff or an antifa portion or an antifa partner or an antifa imitator or an antifa collaborator. We do not know yet because the saboteurs have not yet been arrested. They will be.

These people are a real enemy and the focus of politicians of both parties should be on stopping them. Why? Obviously, if they are not stopped, their next steps will be bombings. They can sabotage food, energy, electricity, transportation, water, etc. We do not want to have to be expending an additional 10-20% of our productivity on guarding everything and living in an uneasy anticipation that something will go wrong and we do not know what.

Everyone needs to learn quickly that we have an enemy intent on destroying our country.

The enemy is not Trump, racism, slavery, 400 years, inequality, and so on. It’s not even police brutality. It’s not COVID-19. There are many problems we face, but the top one at the moment is an enemy intent on destroying life as we know it. That takes precedence, because all these other problems take our civilization for granted. They won’t be at issue if the country’s systems are wrecked.

One can readily find many notables and quotables and major media talkers who are directing fire against Trump. They can make up stuff as fast as they can think. It’s all misdirected. They come across as clueless about this enemy. They are not acknowledging the revolutionary enemy staring them in the face. I am thinking of the diatribe of Susan Rice. I am thinking of Chris Cuomo who thinks it’s protesters not being peaceful, when it’s actually an organized network of revolutionaries. George Bush lauded the protests on Tuesday without even recognizing what was really happening and why it was happening, that is through organized terroristic elements.

And beyond folks like them, a wide array of people who favor the left have tolerated antifa as some sort of good thing. There are a lot of numbskulls around. There are a lot of superficial fools who make headlines and play around with things they’re ignorant of. Playing with antifa is playing with fire. This is a dangerous movement.

Hey, the last thing we need is such blindness and people stuck in old ruts. This is not a racism thing and not an anger thing.

After all the fake concocted wars, like the War on Poverty and the War on Drugs, can the establishment players not now recognize the beginnings of a real war? This war requires separating the enemy from the rest of us. It requires much police work of detection and intelligence through tips among other things. But it will surely require violence at times, and no one should be bemoaning its use. Police are going to be on the side of the good guys. Police reform is off the table until order is restored. That’s the way it is.

The label that’s bound to be attached to the perps is anarchists. The ancap libertarians and all those who have tried to save the word anarchy for a different meaning will have to take a back seat. The old notions of anarchists as violent people, assassins and bomb-throwers are going to come to the fore. It’s wasted effort to try to save the word anarchy. Try private-property order instead.

The “enemy” is too vague a term. They will be called anarchists, or extreme left-wing anarchists, or Marxist, communist and socialist anarchists. Their goal of chaos is in an effort to gain political support and power. They will fail. Americans who are armed will see to that if the government’s law enforcers do not. The latter already have some intelligence, perhaps infiltrators and listening posts.


1:51 pm on June 3, 2020