Saint Ron Paul!

We in the LP are not necessarily Catholics. Some of us are, some not. Therefore, we as an LP don’t have saints; not official ones, anyway. But, if we did, Ron Paul would surely be one of them. He has done more to promote liberty than pretty much anyone else in our movement. Why a leader of the LP should attack Saint Ron Paul is beyond me.

This is nothing less than horrid.

Hey, look, I don’t agree with my friend Ron on every jot and tittle of libertarian theory. He is pro-life, I am not. But when I criticize his views, I do so with the utmost respect. Disagreement among libertarians is par for the course. I could almost go so far as to say that disagreement is part of the libertarian hard-wiring. But this vicious attack on Dr. Paul from Nicholas Sarwark is really awful. Read it and weep for our movement.


2:15 am on July 11, 2019