I Really Didn’t Expect It!

After earlier disappointments in Scotland and Catalonia, I really didn’t expect the British voters to come down on the side of secession! At the very least, I thought planeloads of Florida “hanging chad” hunters would arrive in London counting halls to “correct” ballot errors. I was not surprised by the choir of sour-pussed anti-Brexit commentators on American news channels this morning, nor by the leftist ideologues with their one-barreled explanation for everything that doesn’t go their way: “racist hatred,” some have begun chiming. If there is an after-life, I imagine Murray’s endearing cackle to be echoing throughout!

As the Dow Jones passed the 18,000 level yesterday – in apparent expectations of Brexit being rejected – and with the DJ opening some 500-600 points lower this morning – the identity of the Establishment “owners” becomes more evident. Will Hillary be able to put together the idea that Brexit was her idea in the first place? Will Obama send the Marines to English shores, with a declaration that the opinions of voters don’t really matter; that only “official” decisions should be respected (e.g., a vote of Parliament, or an edict by the Prime Minister)? That Prime Minister Cameron has apparently offered his resignation, is one of a number of unintended consequences likely to flow from complexity.

If the Brits can secede, what about the American cousins? Might similar campaigns be energized in such places as Texas, Oregon, Alaska, or Alabama? What about Rhode Island, the final of the original thirteen states which, being reluctant to ratify the Constitution, was threatened with military invasion and occupation lest it approve the alleged “social contract”? Should the honor of leading the secession parade go to Rhode Island, the first victim of American imperialism?


8:47 am on June 24, 2016