Lyndon Baines Johnson

Because of his repellent earthy crudeness, murderous narcissism, lecherous hubris and larcenous duplicity I used to firmly believe Lyndon Johnson was, hands down, the prime candidate for worst president of the US. Now he remains enshrined in the top six, along with Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, Truman, and George W. Bush, each with their own distinct amoral foibles and sociopathic characteristics.

The Great Society: A Libertarian Critique,” is one of Murray Rothbard’s best essays, very comprehensive and incisive in tracing LBJ’s legacy from FDR. This is where Rothbard introduced the term “the welfare-warfare state.”

Lyndon Johnson’s Terrible Legacy,” describes a tour of the Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library and how his sycophants and toadies hope to see him remembered by the willfully ignorant masses.

Chasing Demons: LBJ Versus The Kennedys, is the History Channels’ 2003 apocryphal production of LBJ’s secret war with the Kennedys. This production was aired during the 40th anniversary week that the HC dedicated to the legacy of John F. Kennedy, it then promptly disappeared after the barrage of backlash from LBJ’s most powerful widow, “lady bird” Johnson and others over the channels portrayal of Lyndon Johnson during the week of the 40th anniversary of JFK’s assassination. Years ago I was showing my Political Parties students this film. The documentary is a psychological examination of the behind-the-scene confrontation between Robert Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson and its impact on America in the period following John Kennedy’s assassination. The film utilizes actual recorded phone calls between the principals, with insightful commentary by key historical persons/witnesses involved in these matters. We now know from recently published books and taped interviews that the “elephant in the room” which is never discussed or mentioned in the program was the firm belief by both Robert Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy that Lyndon Johnson was involved in JFK’s murder in a coup d’état. The film dramatically portrays Lyndon Johnson’s increasing paranoia and dark manic suspicions concerning Robert Kennedy and his ulterior motives against him, fueled by covert intelligence reports given to him by his long-time close associate (and next door neighbor) FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, enemy of both John and Robert Kennedy. One of my students remarked that the documentary resembled the plot intrigue in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I pointed out that this was an outstanding and very perceptive observation, for there had actually been a very controversial play, Mac Bird, written on this theme. All the other students then began to see parallels between the two stories from what they had remembered from studying Macbeth in their English Language Arts class. From the deepest cloistered recesses of LBJ’s psyche pours forth the unmistakable guilt for this savage deed, manifested in his manic behavior and mental instability as he approaches the 1964 Democratic Party presidential nomination in place of the man he had slain. This production was basically hidden away as it was pulled from circulation when powerful persons close to the legacy of Lyndon Johnson objected to how he was portrayed during that week over several shows, as much as certain persons might complain that his legacy was tarnished, keep in mind that this program uses archival audio recordings, and that most of the people interviewed for this 2003 program were his peers. It is quite odd that the HC would air this show that had so many persons who lived during the Kennedy and Johnson years in the white house talk of intimate details and then to have the show discarded from their lineup of related programs. Obviously this Chasing Demons special was removed along with the 2003 The Men Who Killed Kennedy series episodes, partially at the powerful insistence of LBJ’s widow, Claudia “lady bird” Taylor Johnson. No one dare spurn Lady MacBeth.

Hey, Hey L. B. J.  is an Amazon book/DVD list I compiled.

1:59 pm on November 25, 2017