The Left and the Art of Political Witch-Hunting

That indomitable national treasure Justin Raimondo of has again performed a major significant service to historical clarity and speaking truth to power. His superb article, Liberals Getting Back in Touch With Their Authoritarian Roots: The left and the art of political witch-hunting, is a concise overview of how modern political inquisitions and repressive investigations of the American state began on the left, and that such demonizing has returned full circle with the egregious Russia-gate specter haunting their fervid imaginations.

One doesn’t have to be a Frankfurt School Freudo-Marxian psychiatrist or a Calvinist theologian to understand that for most people the shaping of their ideological belief system of how they view the world is often a non-rational psychological process propelled by unconscious, visceral emotions. Envious hatred of “the other” and the will to either dominate or submit in obeisance to authority, are deep-seeded character traits which define the sociopolitical spectrum. The obsolete categories of “left” and “right” have been replaced with “deviance” or “normality.” Sociopath state rulers who recognized these unsavory facts have exploited and manipulated the masses on their behalf. How else is one to understand the gross, nearly endless series of striking accounts of human barbarism and war, religious and racial genocide, intolerance, torture, and repression, over the past five hundred years. Over one hundred million victims were murdered by willing executioners in such regimes in the 20th Century alone.

Such passionate ideological demonization and scapegoating began with the witch trials in the early modern period and the destruction of unified Christendom during the Protestant Reformation, with angry mobs of iconoclastic vandal hordes destroying churches and engaging in messianic communist peasant uprisings. We may say with Hilaire Belloc and Murray Rothbard that after Luther came Leviathan. Beneath the Wars of Religion of the 16th and 17th centuries lay a destructive egalitarian current, an insidious subterranean stream which continued to flow through such savage conflicts as the Thirty Years War, the English Civil Wars, into the 18th century and the French Revolution. That Revolution gave birth to the seething ideologies of modern conservatism and socialism, as well as that of liberalism. It came to full fruition in the Russian Revolutions of 1917.

We saw a particularly egregious example of it in the 1920’s in Weimar Germany with the left-wing National Socialists‘ demonization of Kulturbolschewismus or Cultural Bolshevism of their left-wing Communist enemies. Today, an inverted variant is rampant throughout the world in the scourge of Cultural Marxism or “political correctness.”

In the United States in the 1930s and 1940s, an Old Right grass-roots opposition to the foreign and domestic policies of the New Deal of FDR and the Fair Deal of Harry Truman arose. Franklin Roosevelt and his “Smear Bund” allies in British intelligence and domestic Communist circles savagely attacked these individuals and groups, some select scapegoats were even tried for sedition. The scapegoating and vilification continued through the 1950s in the Wars of McCarthyism, both of its “rightwing populist” and “establishment liberal and conservative” variants, directed by intelligence apparats.

It has further progressed through the divisive Vietnam conflict; into the vast ideological desert of the Reagan years; through Hillary’s “vast right wing conspiracy” against her husband, Slick Willie; the Hobbesian War of All Against All following 9/11;  until today it is resurrected with the united “Popular Front” of the Clintonian left, the Never Trump neocons, the mainstream media, and the intelligence entities of the deep state waging war against Donald Trump and his regime.

10:36 am on December 29, 2017