Governors Issue Equivalents of Red Spiked Stars

From “Introduction of the Jewish Star”:

“In accordance with Paragraph 45 of Order 138/41 of the Reich Commissioner for the Occupied Dutch Territories concerning public security, I order the following:

“Par 1:

1)A Jew who appears in public is obliged to wear a Jewish star.”

We all know for sure that similar orders have been issued by all too many American state governors. In this case, they may as well order that a red-spiked corona shaped star be pasted on the entrances of gyms,restaurants, bars, family gatherings, churches, and wherever people congregate in numbers or at times deemed to render them guilty of some unnamed crime, as the Jews were deemed guilty because of being Jews.

These unconscionable governor and sometimes city orders have sullied and thoroughly besmirched the most valuable American ideas of rights. These orders are as criminal as those that the Nazis issued, and they are analogous. Imagine a spiked corona star as equivalent to a governor’s executive order that singles out and scapegoats those people deemed by these state officials to be whipping boys and blameworthy for a virus.

The people issuing these orders mimic the Nazi orders to single out Jews. These American totalitarians have no excuse for such applications of power that defy the highest laws of the land. They have no defense.

The country does not suddenly become a club for local and state dictators because of a disease. The country is nothing but a shambles and a sham if that’s all it takes to render laws inoperative and allows elected officials to single out particular people, gatherings, assemblies, businesses, livelihoods and religions as under the detailed control of said officials. That’s not America. They may as well say that the subjects of their edicts are obliged to display a red-spiked star in the shape of a coronavirus.

What should be done to make them retract these orders is to cut off the utilities to their state offices. Tit for tat. The legislatures should be impeaching every last one of these dictators. Their salaries and budgets should be cut to zero.


8:54 pm on November 19, 2020