Censorship in Amerika

Jeff Berwick has a post regarding YouTube and Statebook Facebook banning Adam Kokesh’s pages and Josie the Outlaw’s as well. I believe that everything is back up except for Adam Kokesh’s CIAbook Facebook page. Berwick suggests having a free market alternative to YouTube and Facebook, and has uploaded all his Dollar Vigilante videos onto Vimeo and moved his DNS and servers out of the U.S.

I know, supposedly those social websites are part of the “market” and are not government operations. But with the police state “flagging” mechanism especially with many police departments now having so much control over who gets flagged and taken down, the two Internet sites might as well be considered de facto government/police operations. Other libertarian-oriented pages taken down in recent months have included Mark Dice and Stephan Molyneux.

Now, I have never had any desire to have a Facebook page, Twitter or YouTube. I’m just not a “social networking” kind of guy. (Hmmm, as though that would shock anyone here.)

Also, besides libertarians, voluntaryists and otherwise freedom advocating people, supposedly the feds want to escalate their harassment of conservative media on the Internet and other outlets as well. While in the past it has been conservatives themselves who have advocated censorship of various ideas, alternative views, etc. that they have found “offensive,” now it appears that they will be the victims of such censorship, if the fascist moonbats of the Obama Administration and the FCC get their way. We already have the Obama IRS harassing conservative and Tea Party organizations. TPTB don’t like their authority questioned by us mere slaves.

So it appears that the Left really wants to silence Sean Hannity and other conservative speakers as well as libertarians, and take down the Drudge Report, among other websites. Many of the aforementioned libertarians’ YouTube and Facebook complainers are probably mainly from the Left. Those are the people who love government and political power and who seem to have this compulsion to silence those who not only disagree with the authoritarian statist quo but especially those who openly challenge, criticize, debate, and expose the criminality, hypocrisy and violence of the State. Just one example has been the junk science-loving warmists who call skeptics “deniers.” Other examples include Obama’s war on journalists and Obama’s war on government whistleblowers. (And don’t forget the hateful, intolerant, malicious, and fascist government flunkies of the Soviet Southern Poverty Law Center, of course.)


4:22 am on May 9, 2014