Trump’s Return: Get Ready for Chaos To Be Unleashed and Blamed on You

Yeah, it’s happening. The last half of 2024 is shaping up to be one of the most politically insane in a century and the sparks are already flying. The biggest moment of absurdity so far might be the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, in which it was made abundantly clear for all the world to see that Biden is on the fast track to crazy town. We’ve been saying for four years that the guy is gone, a dementia case propped up and protected by the DNC and the media. Now, it’s undeniable:

There’s a vegetable sitting in the Oval Office and the nation is in a panic.

Leftists are panicking because they’re now realizing their candidate is a farce, the emperor has no clothes and they bet all their cash on one very retarded race horse. Conservatives are celebrating, but also panicking because they think Biden in his senility might launch nukes at any moment. Breaking Away: The Cas... McMaken, Ryan Best Price: $22.58 Buy New $12.00 (as of 07:32 UTC - Details)

There are even people calling for a 25th Amendment intervention to remove Biden because they actually think he makes decisions. He doesn’t. Biden is a proxy for more powerful interests and always has been. Getting rid of Biden early doesn’t solve the greater problem, nor would it prevent a nuclear Apocalypse (if that was ever the plan to begin with). Other people are making his decisions for him.

In the meantime, there are a host of surprises that could take place before November. As I noted in my article ‘The Juggling Act: Is 2024 A Pivotal Year For The Globalists?’ published in January, the election of 2024 is developing into its own Black Swan event. I stated that:

…There is the potential for shock events, such as Biden stepping down at the last minute. Trump being arrested but winning anyway. Or, a major geopolitical crisis which is used by the Democrats as an excuse to “postpone” the election…”

It’s looking more and more like at least one of these scenarios is about to play out (Biden stepping down or being pushed out by the DNC).  It’s also becoming increasingly more likely that Donald Trump will be returning to the White House regardless.  For now it appears that Biden wants to cling to his position, but even if he is replaced there’s not a Democrat candidate yet that has the numbers to prevail in November.  And if you think election fraud will be a factor, don;t forget that the votes have to be close in order to rig the outcome.

The question is, what will this mean for conservatives and patriots going forward? Is this cause for elation, or should Americans be getting ready for the rug to be pulled out from underneath them?

After Trump’s win in 2016 (which I predicted a year ahead of the elections) I suggested that Trump might be set up as the next Herbert Hoover; the scapegoat for a host of economic and social calamities caused by obscure and shadowy interests.  I also questioned whether or not Trump would be a willing participant in this theater.

Keep in mind, his cabinet picks in 2016 were a nightmare – Packed with a swarm of banking elites, a member of the Rothschild cartel (Wilber Ross), CFR members and other bad actors. He truly had some of the worst people standing over his shoulder at the time (like Anthony Fauci, for example…).  Even if Trump had good intentions, his advisers certainly did not.

With the combination of BLM riots, Federal Reserve interest rate hikes, the pandemic hysteria, covid stimulus triggering stagflation, the January 6th “insurrection”, Trump was turned into a pariah (for the most part unjustly). Conservatives in 2020 and beyond were labeled the ultimate villains; the “destroyers of democracy.”  Trump was, in many ways, pigeonholed as another Hoover.

But something happened during this process that I believe the globalists did not intend; the pandemic agenda failed. The vaccine passports failed. The mandates failed. The average infection fatality rate was a tiny 0.23% and the public was not sufficiently terrified. Too many patriots were refusing to comply. The CDC numbers on vaccinations were clearly inflated to make it look like more people were taking the jab. Almost no one took the boosters.

It was perhaps one of the biggest blunders the globalists have ever faced. The WEF’s Klaus Schwab, Dr. Evil himself, has faded into the background and retired as executive chairman. The big play for medical tyranny bombed. Now what to do?

Is it a mistake that the establishment has continued to stick with Biden despite his delirium? Or, did they send Biden into that first debate knowing exactly how bad it was going to go?  Is this a ploy designed to complete the Herbert Hoover scenario? This year, Trump hinted in an interview with Fox Business that he “does not want to become the next Herbert Hoover” inheriting a time bomb economy from Biden. Biden argued in response that Trump was ALREADY like Herbert Hoover because of the jobs lost during covid.

This is, of course, a false claim.  But the narrative is everywhere: “Trump will oversee a crash in America similar to 1929.”

Consider for a moment how many different elements of the US economy today are misrepresented by rigged stats. Biden has suppressed inflation stats like CPI by dumping strategic oil reserves onto the market. His employment stats are a complete circus with almost every job “created” going to illegal immigrants, artificially pumping up BLS numbers.  Biden has created false growth in American manufacturing by subsidizing green energy companies with tax dollars.  The media seems intent to ignore the national debt issue, with interest payments amassing over $1 trillion every three months. Finally, the border surge continues unabated (except for a 74% decrease in Texas where they are putting up actual walls and barbed wire).

And how about that Ukraine situation?  The one which is quickly escalating into wider conflict?  My readers know my predictions on this but think about it from Trump’s perspective:  Biden is leaving behind all the volatile elements of a world war in the making.  Trump will be inheriting a cauldron of nitroglycerine.

What happens when Biden walks away? All of that economic rigging disappears, and then the real data comes out while Trump is in office.  Maybe WWIII kicks off, too.  And guess who will be blamed?  The fingers will point at Trump, but they will also point at YOU.

The agenda will be to put conservative and liberty movement principles on trial and paint them as ideals of calamity. Meritocracy, individualism, independence, personal liberty, responsibility and discipline, free markets, private property, everything that makes up the foundations of western civilization is going to be put on the pyre.  Giving Trump an easy win against a cognitive deficient like Biden (or any other weak candidate) might be a setup; letting conservatives gain a moment of power only to find they’re sitting on the throne of a crumbling castle. Hit List: An In-Depth ... Wayne, David Best Price: $6.74 Buy New $8.72 (as of 07:30 UTC - Details)

Am I saying don’t to vote for Trump? No. At the very least, the act of voting for Trump sends a message that the American people want what Trump is supposed to represent, and they reject what Biden is supposed to represent. The candidates are far less important than the ideals they are meant to embody.  What I’m saying is, this election might be extra weird for a reason – the fact that Trump is being elevated as the clear choice is suspicious.

At the very least there will be organized leftist riots in major cities across the US.  As we witnessed in France, the political left has no intention of giving up power and they will do anything to keep it, including burn down the neighborhood.  More reserved liberals will join forces with the most extreme socialist activist groups in order to win at any cost.  Trump’s presence in the Oval Office would be the perfect trigger for an endless parade of DEI clowns and Antifa freaks creating as much pandemonium as possible.

I’m not talking about the false left/right paradigm.  The false left/right paradigm is irrelevant when it comes to the root problem, which is the preponderance of patriot action or apathy.  If the American people in large numbers stood up tomorrow and all at once decided we were going to shut down the leftists, boot out the globalists and take the government back, we would succeed and there’s nothing anyone could do to stop us.  We’re the largest armed population in the world and by extension the largest army in the world by far.

It’s up to us, not Trump, to determine the course of our nation’s future.  And if he (or any other political leader) fails to live up to our standards, then at that point we’ll have to do the ugly thing that everyone knows is necessary but no one wants to be responsible for. Just remember that we’re going to be painted as bad guys, not freedom fighters, when we take that step.

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